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Not to be confused with Shiriana language.
Native to Brazil, Venezuela
Native speakers
800 in Brazil  (2010)[1]
100 in Venezuela (no date)[2]
  • Yanam
Language codes
ISO 639-3 shb
Glottolog nina1238[3]
location of Roraima, Brazil

Yanam, or Ninam, is a Yanomaman language spoken in Roraima, Brazil (800 speakers) and southern Venezuela near the Mucajai, upper Uraricáa, and Paragua rivers.


Yanam is also known by the following names: Ninam, Yanam–Ninam, Xirianá, Shiriana Casapare, Kasrapai, Jawaperi, Crichana, Jawari, Shiriana, Eastern Yanomaman.

Regional variation[edit]

Gordon (2009) reports 2 main varieties (Northern, Southern). Kaufman (1994) reports 3:

  1. Yanam (AKA Northern Yanam/Ninam (Xiliana, Shiriana, Uraricaa-Paragua))
  2. Ninam (AKA Southern Yanam/Ninam (Xilixana, Shirishana, Mukajai))
  3. Jawarib


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