1975 Haicheng earthquake

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Coordinates: 40°51′N 122°45′E / 40.85°N 122.75°E / 40.85; 122.75

1975 Haicheng earthquake
1975 Haicheng earthquake is located in China
1975 Haicheng earthquake
Date February 4, 1975 (1975-02-04)
Magnitude 7.3 Ms
Epicenter Haicheng, Liaoning
Areas affected China
Tsunami None
Casualties 1,328 killed

The 1975 Haicheng earthquake measuring 7.3 on the Richter Scale occurred at 19:36 CST on February 4, 1975 in Haicheng, Liaoning, China, a city that at the time had approximately 1 million residents.

Local political leaders ordered evacuations a day before the earthquake took place. This successful evacuation saved many lives. However people still suffered greatly.[1] This was the only successful evacuation before a devastating earthquake in history. In the years, months and weeks leading up to the event various phenomena were reported which could be interpreted as precursors to an earthquake, including strange animal behavior.[2] There are some claims that the amateur reports of strange animal behavior aided in the prediction of the earthquake. The validity and accuracy of these reports is questionable[3][not in citation given] as it was the foreshock sequence that damaged some buildings and frightened the population and their leaders enough to evacuate.[1][4]


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