1933 Copa del Presidente de la República Final

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1933 Copa del Presidente de la República Final
Event 1933 Copa del Rey
Date June 25, 1933
Venue Montjuïc, Barcelona
Referee Jesús Arribas
Attendance 60,000

The 1933 Copa del Presidente de la República Final was the 33rd final of the principal Spanish football cup competition, now known as the Copa del Rey. Athletic Bilbao beat Madrid FC 2–1 and won their 13th title, the fourth in a row.

Road to the final[edit]

Athletic Bilbao Round Madrid FC
Opponent Result Legs Knockout phase Opponent Result Legs
Arenas Club 7–3 2–2 away; 5–1 home Round of 32 Racing Santander 5–2 4–1 home; 1–1 away
Sevilla FC 7–2 2–1 away; 5–1 home Round of 16 Unión Club 11–0 2–0 away; 9–0 home
Deportivo La Coruña 12–3 4–2 away; 8–1 home Quarter-finals Sporting Gijón 13–0 8–0 home; 5–0 away
CD Español 3–2 1–0 home; 2–1 away Semi-finals Valencia FC 6–2 3–1 home; 3–1 away

Match details[edit]

25 June 1933
17:00 CET
Athletic Bilbao 2–1 Madrid CF
Gorostiza Goal 73'
Lafuente Goal 75'
Lazcano Goal 23'
Montjuïc, Barcelona
Attendance: 60,000
Referee: Jesús Arribas
Athletic Bilbao
Madrid FC
GK 1 Spain Gregorio Blasco
DF 2 Spain José María Castellanos
DF 3 Spain Juan Urquizu
MF 4 Spain Leonardo Cilaurren
MF 5 Spain José Muguerza
MF 6 Spain Roberto Etxebarria
FW 7 Spain Ramón de la Fuente (c)
FW 8 Spain José Iraragorri
FW 9 Spain Víctor Unamuno
FW 10 Spain Bata
FW 11 Spain Guillermo Gorostiza
England Fred Pentland
GK 1 Spain Ricardo Zamora (c)
DF 2 Spain Ciriaco Errasti
DF 3 Spain Jacinto Quincoces
MF 4 Spain Pedro Regueiro
MF 5 Spain Luis Valle
MF 6 Spain Antonio Bonet
FW 7 Spain Eugenio Hilario
FW 8 Spain Luis Regueiro
FW 9 Spain Manuel Olivares
FW 10 Spain Hilario
FW 11 Spain Jaime Lazcano
England Robert Firth
Copa del Rey 1933 winners
Athletic Bilbao
13th title


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