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Events from the year 2012 in Romania.




Protesters in University Square, Bucharest, January 15, 2012


  • February 6: Prime Minister Emil Boc resigned from office amid ongoing anti-austerity protests.[2] Mihai Răzvan Ungureanu was given a mandate by President Traian Băsescu to form a new government. He will have to pass his formed cabinet through the vote of the Parliament or else he must return the mandate to the President. Ungureanu vowed to continue reforms and promote Romania's economic and politic stability amid current continuing crisis.
  • February 13: Nanosatellite Goliath was successfully launched into space. This is the first satellite of Romania.
  • February 19: A series of explosions take place in a club in Sighetu Marmaţiei (Maramureş County). Following the deflagration, a citizen was killed and other 20 people were injured.[3]


  • March 5: A MAI employer shot eight people in a hair salon, Bucharest. Following the massacre, two people died and six others were seriously injured. The attacker was arrested for murder. He received the mandate for 24 hours. In 2005, the attacker has been charged with violence, but was acquitted.[4]
  • March 19: A series of devastating wildfires burst out in several counties. At least a man died after falling in fire started by him.[5]


  • April 6: Six people, including three Austrians, were injured in an explosion at the Petrobrazi Refinery (Ploiești, Prahova County).[6]
  • April 14: A devastating fire broke out at a commercial complex in Iași. During the intervention, two firefighters suffered burns and were intoxicated by smoke. The building collapsed to 10 hours after the outbreak of fire.[7]
  • April 15: County road 205D collapsed on a stretch of about 50 m due to landslides caused by heavy rains in recent days. At least 4,000 people in the communes of Nereju and Spulber (Vrancea County) are isolated. Affected villages remained without electricity, gas and drinking water.[8]
  • April 26
    • A helicopter crashed near the village of Ostrov (Tulcea County), due to a failure on board. All five passengers died carbonized.[9]
    • An overloaded passenger bus has overturned from a gangway near the town of Mioveni (Argeș County). 30 of 38 passengers on board were hospitalized.[10]
  • April 27: The government has been unseated in a no-confidence vote, just two months after taking office. The opposition seized on public anger over austerity measures to oust prime minister Mihai Răzvan Ungureanu. President Traian Băsescu designated left-wing opposition leader Victor Ponta as new prime minister.[11][12][13]





  • August 10: Eight people were killed and seven others were injured, following an accident, in which were involved four vehicles. One of them caught fire.[23]
  • August 12: 1,000 tourists feared to be infected with HIV after having sex with a prostitute in Constanța County.[24]
  • August 21: The Constitutional Court of Romania decided to invalidate the results of the referendum for the impeachment of President Traian Băsescu.[25]
  • August 27: One man died and another 18 were injured, after a passenger bus was hit by an oil car in Suceava County.[26] Traffic in the area was blocked for three hours.


  • September 19: Two people were killed and four others were gravely wounded by a rabid bear in Southern Carpathians.[27] The local authorities decreed state of alert in the area until its shooting or, eventually, until bears vaccination against rabies.



Date Time Epicenter Magnitude Depth
January 19 18:05 7 km N Gura Teghii 4.0 ML 117 km
April 26 14:32 11 km NW Lopătari 4.0 ML 126 km
May 5 17:07 15 km W Nereju 4.0 ML 119 km
July 6 22:48 6 km SW Nereju 4.5 Mb 113 km
July 12 02:20 13 km W Nereju 4.3 Mb 114 km
August 31 20:22 7 km NW Gura Teghii 4.1 ML 127 km
September 9 19:53 18 km NW Valea Râmnicului 4.0 ML 148 km
October 1 17:26 4 km NW Nereju 4.2 ML 82 km

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Deaths in 2012[edit]


  • January 2: Ioan Drăgan, 46, footballer (FC Brașov), colorectal cancer. (born 1965)
  • January 14: Mircea Ciumara, 68, politician and former cabinet minister, cancer. (born 1943)
  • January 22: Tudor Mărăscu, 71, theater and film director. (born 1940)
  • January 25: Emil Hossu, 70, actor, myocardial infarction. (born 1941)


  • March 28: Ștefan Radof, 77, actor, screenwriter and author of several volumes of poetry, heart failure. (born 1934)
  • March 31: Ion Lucian, 87, actor and epigramist, bronchopneumonia and anemia. (born 1924)




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