21st Annual Latin Grammy Awards

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21st Latin Grammy Awards
21st Annual Latin Grammy Awards Logo.jpg
DateNovember 19, 2020
VenueAmerican Airlines Arena, Miami, Florida, United States
Hosted byYalitza Aparicio, Ana Brenda Contreras and Victor Manuelle
Person of the YearTBA
Television/radio coverage

The 21st Annual Latin Grammy Awards were remotely on Thursday, November 19, 2020 and broadcast on Univision. Functionally similar to the MTV Video Music Awards or the Premios Juventud gala, the 2020 Latin Grammy ceremony was anchored from the American Airlines Arena in Miami.[1] It is scheduled to feature performances from many parts of the world following the international protocole against COVID-19 propagation. The telecast marked the 21st anniversary of the Latin Grammy Awards and honored musical releases within Latin music released from June 1, 2019 to May 31, 2020. Nominations were announced on September 29.[2]


In March 2020, in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, the Latin Grammy organization announced that its annual gala was still set for November 2020 and would feature changes. Starting in 2020, the Latin Grammys would include a category exclusively focused on reggaeton to prevent controversies and callings for boycott, as happened the year before. Thus, a new category named "Best Reggaeton Performance" was introduced this year. Also, the Latin Recording Academy has decided to stop using the term "urban music" following many controversies surrounding that term of how they're following the Grammy Awards steps. "Best Pop/Rock Song" and "Best Rap/Hip Hop Song" replaced the "urban" categories, with the latter one including trap music.[3] The "Best Flamenco Album" category made its return to the Latin Grammys after being erased in 2018, due to the lack of competition.[4]

On August 18, the Latin Recording Academy announced the official date for the gala's celebration and its functioning. Under the slogan "Music Humanizes Us", the 2020 Latin Grammy Awards was be headquartered in the city of Miami, marking the first time the Latin Grammys are held in Florida since 2003. The ceremony featured performances from all around the world and was broadcast without a live public. Previously, in an official statement, the Latin Grammys organization wrote: "If local conditions are favorable in November, The Latin Recording Academy will consider presenting a broadcast with a live audience, composed primarily of nominees, presenters and artists".[5]

Originally, Carlos Rivera and Roselyn Sánchez were announced as hosts for the ceremony but Sánchez could not continue as host due to health issues.[6] Later, actresses Yalitza Aparicio and Ana Brenda Contreras were announced as hosts alongside Rivera,[7] but a few days later he cancelled his participation due to a COVID-19 case in his team.[8] Then, singer Victor Manuelle was announced as performer and also host with Aparicio and Contreras. [9]


Artist(s) Song(s) Ref.
Rauw Alejandro
Ivy Queen
Victor Manuelle
Ricardo Montaner
Jesús Navarro
Tribute to Héctor Lavoe
"El Cantante"
Debi Nova
Raquel Sofía
Alex Cuba
"Amor en Cuarentena"
"Esta Situación"
Lupita Infante
Mariachi Sol de México de José Hernández
Tribute to Pedro Infante
"Amorcito Corazón"
Karol G "Tusa"
José Luis Perales "Y Como es Él"
"Te Quiero"
J Balvin "Rojo"
Sebastián Yatra
"Chica Ideal"
"Three Little Birds"
Alejandro Fernández
Calibre 50
Christian Nodal
"Ay Ay Ay"
"Más No Puedo"
Carla Morrison
Ricky Martin
Fito Paez
Nathy Peluso
"La Conquista del Espacio"
Pitbull "I Believe That We Will Win"
Kany García
Nahuel Pennisi
Pedro Capó
"Lo que en ti veo"
Los Tigres del Norte "Tres Veces Mojado"
Bad Bunny "Bichiyal"
"Si Veo a Tu Mamá"
Julio Reyes Copello
Marc Anthony
"Un Amor Eterno"
Anitta "Mas, que Nada!"
"Me Gusta"
Natalia Jimenez
Prince Royce
Leslie Grace
Tribute to Julio Iglesias
Tribute to Roberto Carlos
"Un Gato en la Oscuridad"
Tribute to Juan Luis Guerra
"Burbujas de Amor"
Anuel AA "Estrés Postraumático"
"El Manual"


Winners and nominees[edit]

The following is the list of nominees.[12]


Record of the Year

Alejandro Sanz — "Contigo"

Julio Reyes Copello & Rafa Sardina, producers; James Fitzpatick, Jan Holzner, Nicolás Ramírez, Julio Reyes Copello & Rafa Sardina, recording engineers; Nicolás Ramírez, mixer; Carlos Hernández Carbonell, mastering engineer

  • Anuel AA, Daddy Yankee, Karol G, Ozuna, J Balvin — "China"
    • Marco Masis "Tainy", producer; Luis "Wichie" Ortiz, recording engineer; Luis "Wichie" Ortiz & Juan G. Rivera, mixers; Luis "Wichie" Ortiz & Juan G. Rivera, mastering engineers
  • Pablo Alborán — "Cuando estés aquí"
    • Pablo Alborán, record producer; Pablo Alborán, recording engineer; Oscar Clavel, mixer; Oscar Clavel, mastering engineer
  • Bad Bunny — "Vete"
    • Cesar Oscar Batista Escalera, Jose Carlos Cruz, Freddy Momtalvo, Ivaniel Ortiz, Edgar Wilmer Semper-Vargas & Xavier Alexis Semper-Vargas, record producers; La Paciencia, recording engineer; Josh Gudwin, mixer; Colin Leonard, mastering engineer
  • Bajofondo featuring Cuareim 1080 — "Solari Yacumenza"
    • Juan Campodónico & Gustavo Santaolalla, record producers; Julio Berta, recording engineer; Juan Campodónico, Aníbal Kerpel & Gustavo Santaolalla, mixers; Tom Baker, mastering engineer
  • J Balvin — "Rojo"
    • Alejandro "Sky" Ramírez & Taiko, record producers; Joel Iglesias, recording engineer; Josh Gudwin, mixer; Colin Leonard, mastering engineer
  • Camilo featuring Pedro Capó — "Tutu"
    • Jon Leone, Richi López & George Noriega, record producers; Camilo, Jon Leone, Richi López & George Noriega, recording engineers; Juan G. Rivera, mixer; Mike Bozzi, mastering engineer
  • Kany García and Nahuel Pennisi — "Lo que en ti veo"
    • Julio Reyes Copello, record producer; Sebastián Ezequiel Sanabria, Carlos Fernando López, Nicolás Ramírez, Julio Reyes Copello, Marcos Sánchez & Daniel Uribe, recording engineers; Marcos Sánchez, mixer; Gene Grimaldi, mastering engineer
  • Karol G and Nicki Minaj — "Tusa"
    • Daniel Oviedo Echevarria, record producer; Daniel Oviedo Echevarria, recording engineer; Rob Kinelski, mixer; Dave Kutch, mastering engineer
  • Residente — "René"
    • Residente, record producer; Phil Joly & Carlos Velázquez, recording engineers; Beatriz Artola, mixer; Ted Jensen, mastering engineer
Album of the Year

Natalia LafourcadeUn Canto por México, Vol. 1

Kiko Campos, album producer; José Luis Fernández & Rubén López Arista, album recording engineers; Rubén López Arista, album mixer; Natalia Lafourcade, songwriter; Michael Fuller, album mastering engineer

  • Bad BunnyYHLQMDLG
    • Henry De La Prida & Marco Masis "Tainy", album producers; La Paciencia, album recording engineer; Josh Gudwin, album mixer; Bad Bunny, songwriter; Colin Leonard, album mastering engineer
  • J Balvin and Bad BunnyOasis
    • Marco Masis "Tainy" & Alejandro"Sky" Ramírez, album producers; Joel Iglesias, Marco Masis "Tainy", Alejandro "Sky" Ramírez & Roberto Rosado, album recording engineers; Josh Gudwin, album mixer; Bad Bunny, J Balvin, Marco Masis "Tainy" & Alejandro "Sky" Ramírez, songwriters; Colin Leonard, album mastering engineer
  • J BalvinColores
    • Alejandro "Sky" Ramírez, album producer; Joel Iglesias, album recording engineer; Josh Gudwin, album mixer; J Balvin, Michael Brun, Rene Cano & Alejandro"Sky" Ramírez, songwriters; Colin Leonard, album mastering engineer
  • CamiloPor Primera Vez
    • Camilo, Jon Leone, Richi López & Ricardo Montaner, album producers; Jon Leone & Richi López, album recording engineers; Édgar Barrera, Camilo, Jon Leone & Richi López, songwriters; Mike Bozzi, album mastering engineer
  • Kany GarcíaMesa Para Dos
    • Julio Reyes Copello, album producer; Nicolás Ramírez, Julio Reyes Copello & Daniel Uribe, album recording engineers; Nicolás Ramírez & Marcos Sánchez, album mixers; Kany García, songwriter; Gene Grimaldi, album mastering engineer
  • Jesse & JoyAire (Versión Día)
    • Charlie Heat, Jesse Huerta & Martin Terefe, album producers; Oskar Winberg, album recording engineer; Josh Gudwin, album mixer; Jason Boyd & Jesse & Joy, songwriters; Colin Leonard, album mastering engineer
  • Ricky MartinPausa
    • Julio Reyes Copello & Jean Rodríguez, album producers; Nicolás De La Espriella, Enrique Larreal & Julio Reyes Copello, album recording engineers; Jaycen Joshua, album mixer; Ricky Martin & Danay Suárez, songwriters; Felipe Tichauer, album mastering engineer
  • Fito PáezLa Conquista del Espac" />io
    • Gustavo Borner, Diego Olivero & Fito Paez, album producers; Gustavo Borner & Phil Levine, album recording engineers; Gustavo Borner, album mixer; Fito Paez, songwriter; Justin Moshkevich, album mastering engineer
  • Carlos VivesCumbiana
    • Andrés Leal, Martín Velilla & Carlos Vives, album producers; Andrés Borda, Nicolas Cajamarca, Jorge Corredor, Daniel Cortés, Chris Crawford, Einar Escaf, Sancho Gómez Escolar, Lobzan Graciani, Andrés Leal, Harbey Marín, Dave Rowland & Martín Velilla, album recording engineers; Manny Marroquin, album mixer; Carlos Vives, songwriter; Michelle Mancini, album mastering engineer
Song of the Year

"René" — Residente, songwriter (Residente)

  • "ADMV" — Vicente Barco, Édgar Barrera, Maluma & Stiven Rojas, songwriters (Maluma)
  • "Bonita" — Juanes, Mauricio Rengifo, Andrés Torres & Sebastián Yatra, songwriters (Juanes and Sebastian Yatra)
  • "Codo con codo" — Jorge Drexler, songwriter (Jorge Drexler)
  • "El Mismo Aire" — Édgar Barrera, Camilo, Jon Leone, Richi López & Juan Morelli, songwriters (Camilo)
  • "For Sale" — Alejandro Sanz and Carlos Vives, songwriters (Alejandro Sanz and Carlos Vives)
  • "#ElMundoFuera" (Improvisación) — Alejandro Sanz, songwriter (Alejandro Sanz)
  • "Lo que en ti veo" — Kany García, songwriter (Kany García & Nahuel Pennisi)
  • "Tiburones" — Oscar Hernández and Pablo Preciado, songwriters (Ricky Martin)
  • "Tusa" — Kevyn Mauricio Cruz Moreno, Karol G, Nicki Minaj and Daniel Oviedo Echavarría, songwriters (Karol G and Nicki Minaj)
  • "Tutu" — Camilo, Jon Leone & Richi López, songwriters (Camilo featuring Pedro Capó)
Best New Artist

Mike Bahía


Best Pop Vocal Album

Ricky MartinPausa

Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album

Andrés Cepeda and FonsecaCompadres

Best Pop Song

"Tutu" — Camilo, Jon Leone & Richi López, songwriters (Camilo featuring Pedro Capó)


Best Urban Fusion/Performance

Rosalía and Ozuna — "Yo x Ti, Tu x Mi"

Best Reggaeton Performance

Bad Bunny — "Yo Perreo Sola"

Best Urban Music Album

ColoresJ Balvin

Best Rap/Hip Hop Song

"Antes Que El Mundo Se Acabe" — Residente, songwriter (Residente)

  • "Baile del Dinero" — Anuel AA, songwriter (Anuel AA)
  • "Goteo" — Duki, songwriter (Duki)
  • "Kemba Walker" — Eladio Carrión and Bad Bunny, songwriters (Eladio Carrión and Bad Bunny)
  • "Medusa" — Anuel AA, J Balvin, Jhay Cortez, Josias De La Cruz, Misael De La Cruz, Sergio Roldan, Elvin Roubert & Nydia Yera, songwriters (Jhay Cortez, Anuel AA & J Balvin)
Best Urban Song

"Yo x Ti, Tu x Mi" — Pablo Diaz-Reixa "El Guincho", Ozuna and Rosalía, songwriters (Rosalía & Ozuna)

  • "Adicto" — Anuel AA, Jhay Cortez, Marco Masis "Tainy" & Ozuna, songwriters (Tainy, Anuel AA y Ozuna)
  • "Muchacha" — Alejandro "Pututi" Arce, Ángel Alberto Arce, Luis Eduardo Cedeno Konig "Pucho", Roque Alberto Cedeno Konig "Tucutu", Gente De Zona, Paul Irizarry Suau "Echo", Andrea Mangiamanchi "Elena Rose", Daniel Joel Márquez Díaz, Yasmil Jesús Marrufo & Juan Morelli, songwriters (Gente De Zona y Becky G)
  • "Rave de Favela" — Anitta, Tynashe Beam, Diplo, Eric Alberto-Lopez, MC Lan & Tropkillaz, songwriters (MC Lan, Anitta, BEAM and Major Lazer)
  • "Rojo" — J Balvin, O 'Neill, Justin Quiles, Alejandro "Sky" Ramírez & Taiko, songwriters (J Balvin)


Best Rock Album

¿Dónde jugaran lxs niñxs? (Desde el Palacio de los Deportes)Molotov

Best Rock Song

"Biutiful" — Mon Laferte, songwriter (Mon Laferte)

  • "Bola de Fuego" — Eduardo Ibeas, Felipe Ilabaca & Cristian Moraga, songwriters (Chancho en Piedra)
  • "Creo" — Eruca Sativa, songwriters (Eruca Sativa)
  • "Mario Neta" — Roberto Musso, songwriter (El Cuarteto de Nos)
  • "Yo Me Los Merezco" — Buika, Drago, Carlos Santana, Stoneface & Jay U Xperience, songwriters (Santana featuring Buika)
Best Pop/Rock Album

La Conquista del EspacioFito Páez

  • La Que MandaGina Chavez
  • Cabildo y Juramento — Conociendo Rusia
  • Acabadabra — Juan Galeano
  • Pangea — Los Mesoneros
Best Pop/Rock Song

"La Canción de las Bestias" — Fito Páez, songwriter (Fito Páez)

  • "Dolerme" — Pablo Diaz-Reixa, Frank Dukes, Rosalía & Matthew Tavares, songwriters (Rosalía)
  • "Quiero que me Llames" — Conociendo Rusia, songwriter (Conociendo Rusia)
  • "Quiero Vivir" — Draco Rosa & Jaime Sabines, songwriters (Draco Rosa)
  • "Últimas Palabras" — Los Mesoneros, songwriters (Los Mesoneros)


Best Alternative Music Album

SobrevolandoCultura Profética

Best Alternative Song

"En Cantos" — Ismael Cancel, Ile and Natalia Lafourcade, songwriters (Ile & Natalia Lafourcade)

  • "Buenos Aires" — Rafa Arcaute, Pedro Campos and Nathy Peluso, songwriters (Nathy Peluso)
  • "Caracoles" — Wilberto Rodríguez, songwriter (Cultura Profética)
  • "Carapazón" — Eruca Sativa, songwriters (Eruca Sativa)
  • "Chilango Blues" — Mon Laferte, songwriter (Mon Laferte)


Best Salsa Album

40Grupo Niche

Best Cumbia/Vallenato Album

Sigo Cantando al Amor (Deluxe)Jorge Celedón and Sergio Luis Rodríguez

  • Por el Mundo EnteroBinomio de Oro
  • Dale Play — Kvrass
  • Voz de Mujer — Karen Lizarazo
  • La Cumbia Stars Vol. 2 — Los Cumbia Stars
Best Merengue/Bachata Album

AhoraEddy Herrera

LarimarDaniel Santacruz

Best Traditional Tropical Album

ÍconoOrquesta Aragón

  • Este es Nuestro Changüí — Changüí De Guantánamo
  • Pa'Lante — Ernesto Fernández
  • Failde con Tumbao — Orquesta Failde
  • Soy Puro Teatro - Homenaje a La Lupe — Mariaca Semprún
Best Contemporany Tropical/Tropical Fusion Album

CumbianaCarlos Vives

Best Tropical Song

"Canción para Rubén" — Rubén Blades and Carlos Vives, songwriters (Carlos Vives & Rubén Blades)


Best Singer-Songwriter Album

Mesa Para DosKany García

Regional Mexican[edit]

Best Ranchero/Mariachi Album

Hecho en MéxicoAlejandro Fernández

Best Banda Album


Best Tejano Album

Live in MéxicoLa Mafia

  • Pa'La Pista y Pa'l Pisto, Vol. 1 — El Plan
  • 25th Anniversary ContigoJay Perez and The Band
  • Película, Vol. 1Siggno
  • It's Time — South Tx Homies
Best Norteño Album

Los Tigres del Norte at Folsom PrisonLos Tigres Del Norte

  • De Terán para el Mundo — Buyuchek, La Abuela Irma Silva
  • Simplemente GraciasCalibre 50
  • A Los 4 Vientos Vol. 2 "Norteño"Eugenia León
  • La Historia Continúa — Los Cardenales de Nuevo León
Best Regional Song

"Mi Religión" — Natalia Lafourcade, songwriter (Natalia Lafourcade)

  • "Ayayay!" — Christian Nodal, songwriter (Christian Nodal)
  • "Caballero" — José Luis Roma, songwriter (Alejandro Fernández)
  • "Dejaré" — Lupita Infante & Luciano Luna, songwriters (Lupita Infante)
  • "#Hashtag" — Gabriel Flores, Wences Romo & Jesus Turner, songwriters (Siggno)


Best Instrumental Album

Terra — Daniel Minimalia

  • Plays Daniel Figueiredo — Leo Amuedo
  • Cartografías — Caetano Brasil
  • Sotavento — Compasses
  • Festejo — Yamandu Costa featuring Marcelo Jiran


Best Folk Album

AcapellaSusana Baca

  • Historias Cantadas — Gaiteros De Pueblo Santo
  • Toño García: El último CaciqueLos Gaiteros de San Jacinto
  • Quinteto con Voz — Quinteto Leopoldo Federico
  • Aguije — Tierra Adentro
Best Tango Album

Fuelle y Cuerda — Gustavo Casenave Quartet

  • Contemporary Tango Trilogy — Alejandro Fasanini
  • Tango Argentino: Gardel y PiazzellaJorge Calandrelli
  • Comme Il Faut — Pablo Estigarribia, Victor Lavallen y Horacio Cabarcos.
  • Tango SacroRodolfo Mederos
Best Flamenco Album

Flamenco sin FronterasAntonio Rey

  • Quimeras del Tiempo "Ilus3" — Ezequiel Benitez
  • Tardo Antiguo — Antonio Campos
  • Vivir — Naike Ponce
  • Que Suene el CanteAntonio Reyes


Best Latin Jazz/Jazz Album

Puertos: Music from International Waters — Emilio Solla Tango Jazz Orchestra

  • Tradiciones — Afro-Peruvian Jazz Orchestra
  • Antidote — Chick Corea & The Spanish Heart Band
  • CaribDavid Sánchez
  • Sonero: The Music of Ismael RiveraMiguel Zenón


Best Christian Album (Spanish Language)

SoldadosAlex Campos

Best Christian Album (Portuguese Language)

ReinoAline Barros

  • Catarse: Lado A — Daniela Araújo
  • Profundo — Ministério Mergulhar
  • Maria Passa Á Frente — Padre Marcelo Rossi
  • Memórias II (Ao Vivo em Belo Horizonte/2019) — Eli Soares

Portuguese Language[edit]

Best Portuguese Language Contemporary Pop Album


Best Portuguese Language Rock or Alternative Album


  • Little Electric Chicken Heart — Ana Frango Elétrico
  • Letrux Ao Prantos — Letrux
  • Universo Do Canto Falado — Rapadura
  • Na Mão as Flores — Suricata
Best Samba/Pagode Album

Samba Jazz de Raiz, Cláudio Jorge 70 — Cláudio Jorge

  • Mangueira - A Menina dos Meus OlhosMaria Bethânia
  • Martinho 8.0 - Bandeira da Fé: Um Concerto Pop-Clássico (Ao vivo)Martinho da Vila
  • Fazendo Samba — Moacyr Luz e Samba do Trabalhador
  • Mais FelizZeca Pagodinho
Best MPB (Musica Popular Brasileira) Album

Belo Horizonte — Toninho Horta & Orquestra Fantasma

Best Sertaneja Music Album

Origens (Ao vivo em See Lagoas, Brazil/2019)Paula Fernandes

  • #Isso é Churrasco (Ao vivo) [Deluxe]Fernando & Sorocaba
  • Livre Vol. 1 — Lauana Prado
  • Churrasco Do Teló Vol. 2Michel Teló
  • Por Mais Beijos Ao Vivo (Ao vivo) — Zé Neto & Cristiano
Best Portuguese Language Roots Album

Veia Nordestina — Mariana Aydar

  • Aqui Está-se SossegadoCamané & Mário Laginha
  • Acaso Casa Ao Vivo — Mariene De Castro e Almério
  • Targino Sem Limites — Targino Gondim
  • Obatalá - Uma Homenagem a Mãe Carmen — Grupo Ofa
  • AutênticaMargareth Menezes
Best Portuguese Language Song

"Abricó-de-Macaco" — Francisco Bosco and João Bosco, songwriters (João Bosco)

  • "A Tal Canção Pra Lua (Microfonado)" — Vitor Kley, songwriter (Vitor Kley & Samuel Rosa)
  • "Amarelo (Sample: Sujeito de Sorte - Belchior)" — Dj Duh, Emicida and Felipe Vassão, songwriters (Emicida featuring Majur & Pabllo Vittar)
  • "Libertação" — Russo Passapusso, songwriter (Elza Soares and BaianaSystem featuring Virgínia Rodrigues)
  • "Pardo" — Caetano Veloso, songwriter (Céu)


Best Latin Children’s Album

Canta y Juega — Tina Kids

  • Viva la Fiesta — Colegio de Música de Medellín
  • Paseo Lunar — The Lucky Band
  • Artistas de Profesión — Sophia
  • Sonidos que Cuentan — Veleta Roja


Best Classical Album

Eternal Gratitude — Paulina Leisring & Domingo Pagliuca; Samuel Pilafian, album producer

  • José Antônio de Almeida Prado: Piano Concerto No. 1 - Aurora - Concerto Fribourgeois — Fabio Mechetti, Conductor, Minas Gerais Philharmonic Orchestra & Sonia Rubinsky, Soloist; Ulrich Schneider, album producer
  • King Mangoberry — Ricardo Lorenz, Michigan State University Wind Symphony, Manuel Alejandro Rangel, Maracas & Kevin L. Sedatole, Conductor; Sergei Kvitko & David Thornton, album producers
  • La Voz del Ave — Eddie Mora; Carlos Chaves & Eddie Mora, album producers
  • The Juliet Letters — Elena Rivera y El Cuarteto Latinoamericano; Jc Vertti, album producer
Best Classical Contemporary Composition

"Sacre" — Carlos Fernando López & José Valentino, composers (Carlos Fernando López)

  • "Dues Peces Per a Piano" — Joan Magrané, composer (Noelia Rodiles)
  • "Jose Serebrier: Variaciones Sinfónicas sobre Bach para Piano y Orquesta" — José Serebrier, composer (José Serebrier, Alexandre Kantorow & RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra)
  • "Pataruco" — Ricardo Lorenz, composer (Ricardo Lorenz, Kevin L. Sedatole Conducting Michigan State University Wind


  • "Sine Nomine" — Eddie Mora, composer (Eddie Mora)


Best Arrangement

"La Flor de la Canela"

Lorenzo Ferrero, arranger (Afro-Peruvian Jazz Orchestra)

  • "Te Extraño"
    • Daniel Barón, arranger (Dani Barón)
  • "Asas Fechadas"
    • John Beasley & Maria Mendes, arrangers (Maria Mendes Featuring Metropole Orkest & John Beasley)
  • "Bésame Mucho"
    • Ariel García & Carlos Peña, arrangers (Carlos Peña y Su Big Band & Daniela Calvario)
  • "Guapanguito"
    • Rosino Serrano, arranger (Rosino Serrano & Orquesta Moderna Featuring Gianluca Littera & Alex Mercado)

Recording Package[edit]

Best Recording Package

Soy Puro Teatro - Homenaje a La Lupe

Pedro Fajardo, art director (Mariaca Semprún)

  • Jinetes del Apocalipsis
    • Victor Ricardo Aguilera Luna & Daniela Herrera Ramírez, art directors (Alejandro de la Garza)
  • Lado A
    • Lucia Arias, Edgar Guerra & Fabli Soto, art directors (Alerta Rocket)
  • MSDL - Canciones dentro de canciones
    • Vetusta Morla & Pequeño Salto Mortal, art directors (Vetusta Morla)
  • Salto al Color


Best Engineered Album


Daniel Bitrán Arizpe, Daniel Dávila, Justin Moshkevich, George Noriega, Erick Roman, Paul Rubinstein & JC Vertti, engineers; Miles Comaskey, Najeeb Jones & Tony Maserati, mixers; Dale Becker, mastering engineer (Debi Nova)

  • Aire (Versión Día)
    • Eduardo Del Aguila, Keith Gretlein, Julian Prindle, Curt Schneider, Sasha Sirota & Oskar Winberg, engineers; Josh Gudwin, mixer; Colin Leonard, mastering engineer (Jesse & Joy)
  • Apká!
    • Alexandre Fontanetti, Diogo Poças & Pupillo, engineers; Mike Cresswell, mixer; Felipe Tichauer, mastering engineer (Céu)
  • Quimera
    • Mon Dvy, Alex Ferrer, Diogo Guerra, Felipe Guevara, Innercut, Red Mojo, Stego & Filipe Survival, mixers; Alex Ferrer & Carlos Hernández Carbonell, mastering engineers (Alba Reche)
  • Sublime
    • John "Beetle" Bailey, engineer; John "Beetle" Bailey, mixer; Harry Hess, mastering engineer (Alex Cuba)
Producer of the Year

Andrés Torres and Mauricio Rengifo

Music video[edit]

Best Short Form Music Video

"TKN" — Rosalía and Travis Scott

Canadá, video director; Oscar Romagosa & Laura Serra Estorch, video producers

  • "Saci (Remix)" — BaianaSystem and Tropkillaz
    • Rafael Kent, video director; Tânia Assumpção & Rafael Marquez, video producers
  • "Rojo" — J Balvin
    • Colin Tilley, video director; Jamee Ranta, video producer
  • "Cubana" — Biyolt
    • Gabriel Augusto & Quemuel Cornelius, video directors; Francesco Civita & Henrique Danieletto, video producers
  • "Para Ya" — Porter
    • Alexis Gómez, video director; Michelle Lacoste, video producer
Best Long Form Music Video

El Mundo Perdido de CumbianaCarlos Vives

Carlos Felipe Montoya, video director; Isabel Cristina Vásquez, video producer

  • Una Vuelta al SolAmaia
    • Marc Pujolar, video director; Júlia Orbegoso & David Serrano, video producers
  • The Warrior Women of Afro-Peruvian Music — Just Play Peru
    • Matt Geraghty, Araceli Poma & Daniel Thissen, video directors; Matt Geraghty & Araceli Poma, video producers
  • Los Tigres del Norte at Folsom PrisonLos Tigres del Norte
    • Tim Donahue, video director; Ilan Arboleda, Zach Horowitz, Los Tigres Del Norte & Jessicya Materano, video producers
  • Relato de la Mmemoria FuturoSiddharta
    • Arturo Fabián De La Fuente & Cristóbal González Camarena, video directors; Arturo Fabián De La Fuente & Cristóbal González Camarena, video producers


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