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3 (Bo Bice album).jpeg
Studio album by Bo Bice
Released May 18, 2010
Genre Southern rock, country rock
Label Sugarmoney/Saguaro Road
Producer Bo Bice
Bo Bice chronology
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3 is the third studio album from American Southern rock artist Bo Bice. It was released on May 18, 2010. [1] It includes the single "You Take Yourself With You".

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Keep On Rollin'" Bo Bice, Buffy Lawson, Todd Cerney 3:01
2. "Different Shades of Blue" Bice, Greg Barnhill 4:29
3. "Coming Back Home" Bice 3:59
4. "Good Hearted Woman" Bice 3:22
5. "Lonely, Broke and Wasted" Bice, Barnhill 3:33
6. "Who Knows What" Bice, Daryl Burgess 3:04
7. "Long Road Back" Bice 3:47
8. "Wild Roses" Bice, Burgess 4:04
9. "Get On and Ride" (feat. Melinda Doolittle) Bice 3:08
10. "You Take Yourself With You" Bice, D. Scott Miller 3:46
11. "If I Told You I Love You" (iTunes Bonus Track) Bice, Burgess 3:35

Release history[edit]

List of release dates, showing region, label, format and edition(s)
Region Date Format(s) Label Edition(s)
Australia May 18, 2010 CD, digital download Sugarmoney/Saguaro Road Standard
United Kingdom
United States