588 Achilles

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588 Achilles
Discovered by Max Wolf
Discovery date February 22, 1906
Named after
1906 TG
Jupiter trojan
Adjectives Achillean
Orbital characteristics
Epoch October 22, 2004 (JD 2453300.5)
Aphelion 5.956 AU (890.944 Gm)
Perihelion 4.428 AU (662.395 Gm)
5.192 AU (776.669 Gm)
Eccentricity 0.147
11.83 a (4320.803 d)
13.00 km/s
Inclination 10.324°
Physical characteristics
Dimensions 135.5 km[1]
7.3 hr[1]
Albedo 0.0328[1]
Spectral type

588 Achilles is the first Jupiter trojan discovered. It was discovered on February 22, 1906, by the German astronomer Max Wolf. It is named after Achilles, the fictional hero from the Iliad. It orbits in the L4 Lagrangian point of the SunJupiter system. After a few such asteroids were discovered, the rule was established that the L4 point was the "Greek camp", whereas the L5 point was the "Trojan camp", though not before each camp had acquired a "spy" (624 Hektor in the Greek camp and 617 Patroclus in the Trojan camp).

Based on IRAS data, Achilles is 135 km in diameter and is the 6th-largest Jupiter trojan.[2]

JPL Small-Body Database list of the largest Jupiter Trojans based on IRAS data:
Trojan Diameter (km)
624 Hektor 225
911 Agamemnon 167
1437 Diomedes 164
1172 Äneas 143
617 Patroclus 141
588 Achilles 135
1173 Anchises 126
1143 Odysseus 126

Photometric observations of this asteroid during 1994 were used to build a light curve showing a rotation period of 7.32 ± 0.02 hours with a brightness variation of 0.31 ± 0.01 magnitude. This result is in good agreement with prior studies.[3]


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