Abdul Rauf al-Kasm

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Abdul Rauf al-Kasm
عبد الرؤوف الكسم
Prime Minister of Syria
In office
9 January 1980 – 1 November 1987
President Hafez al-Assad
Preceded by Muhammad Ali al-Halabi
Succeeded by Mahmoud Zuabi
Personal details
Born 1932 (age 84–85)
Damascus, Syria
Political party Syrian Regional Branch of the Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party
Other political
National Progressive Front

Abdul Rauf al-Kasm (Arabic: عبد الرؤوف الكسم‎‎) (born 1932) is a Syrian architect, academic and politician who served as prime minister of Syria during the 1980s.

Early life[edit]

Kasm was born in Damascus in 1932.[1][2]


Kasm was professor of architecture at Damascus University. He was a member of the Baath Party.[2] He served as Prime Minister of Syria from 9 January 1980 to 1 November 1987 under the presidency of Hafez Al-Asad.[1] Enjoying full support of president Assad, Kasm tried to end corruption by senior officers. However, his clash with then defense minister Mustafa Tlass led his removal from office in 1987.[2] After leaving office, he served as a senior consultant for national security.


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