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Industry Aerospace
Fate Merged with Selenia
Predecessor Aerfer
Fiat Aviazione
Successor Alenia Aeronautica
Founded 1969 (1969)
Defunct 1990 (1990)
Headquarters Italy
Area served

Aeritalia[1] was an aerospace engineering corporation based in Italy, formed by the merger of Fiat Aviazione and Aerfer in 1969.[2] Alenia Aeronautica was created in 1990 by concentrating the Finmeccanica aerospace and defense industries Aeritalia and Selenia. In 1990, Aeritalia and Selenia were merged by parent company Finmeccanica[3] as Alenia Aeronautica.


Aerfer and Fiat merged their aircraft businesses in 1969 to create Aeritalia. The concentration led to milestone programs such as the European attack aircraft Tornado, the ATR family, and the AMX. Aeritalia was also a partner in the Boeing 767 from its inception, and played a key role in the creation of the Italian space industry.

In 1990, Aeritalia merged with Selenia to form Alenia Aeronautica, the aerospace arm of Finmeccanica.



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