Aero Trasporti Italiani

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Aero Trasporti Italiani
Founded 1963
Commenced operations 1964
Ceased operations 1994
Operating bases Naples, Italy
Parent company Alitalia - Linee Aeree Italiane S.p.A.

Aero Trasporti Italiani (ATI) was an Italian airline headquartered in Naples, Italy. It was founded in December 1963 as a subsidiary of Alitalia to take over secondary domestic routes operated by the other Alitalia subsidiary SAM. Operations began in June 1964 and terminated in November 1994 when the airline was merged back into Alitalia.

Code data[edit]

Historical Fleet[edit]

The McDonnell Douglas DC-9 series 32 was the sole jet plane operated by Aero Trasporti Italiani.
The Fokker F-27 Friendship was the first plane employed by the Italian airlines.

Incidents and Accidents[edit]

  • On April 16, 1972, a Fokker F27, operating ATI flight 392, departed from Rome to Foggia, and crashed near Ardinello di Amaseno. All 18 people on board died.
  • On October 30, 1972, a Fokker F27, registered as I-ATIR, departed from Naples to Bari and crashed into a hill about 43 miles from Bari. All 27 people on board died.[1]
  • On September 14, 1979, a McDonnell Douglas DC-9-32, operating ATI flight 12, departed from Alghero to Cagliari and crashed into a ridge about 15 miles north of Cagliari. The pilot departed from the normal approach pattern to avoid thunderstorms. All 31 people on board died.[2]
  • On October 15, 1987, an ATR-42, operating ATI flight 460, departed from Milan to Bonn crashed near Lake Como. The pilot lost control of the plane due to the buildup of ice on the wings. All 37 people on board died.[3]


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