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Anora Industrial is a business area and a unit of Anora Group Plc,[1] which produces barley-based refined goods for industrial use.[2] Anora Group Plc was formed in 2021 as a result of a merger between Norwegian Arcus and Finnish Altia.[3]

Anora Industrial operates in the Nordic countries. It consists of the operations of a starch plant and distillery in Koskenkorva, Finland, and the operations of an ethanol plant in Rajamäki, Finland, focusing on technical products and the sale of contract manufacturing services to alcoholic beverage customers.[4]

The main products of Anora Industrial are technical ethanol, barley starch and heat transfer fluids. Anora Industrial manufactures and sells clean and denatured ethanol products for corporate customers.[5] Finnish alcohol legislation defines the use of technical ethanols and the denaturing of ethanols.[6][7]

In addition to barley-based grain spirit, which is produced for Anora's own use, the Koskenkorva plant produces other varieties of ethanol, feed raw materials, and barley starch for various purposes. Starch can be used, for example, as raw material in the pulp and paper industries and in the food industry.[8] The barley starch used in the Finnish paper and paper board production is sold by Chemigate.[9] Barley starch is also produced gluten-free.[10]

The Rajamäki ethanol plant produces geothermal fluids that enable the transfer of natural heat from soil,[11] water bodies, and rocks into heating energy for buildings. Natural heat transfer fluid, manufactured at the Rajamäki plant, is a Finnish market leader in ethanol-based heat transfer fluids.[12]


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