Apache Brooklyn

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Apache Brooklyn
Apache Brooklyn Logo
Developer(s)Apache Software Foundation, Cloudsoft
Initial releaseApril 2012 (2012-04)[1]
Stable release
0.12.0 / September 27, 2017; 2 years ago (2017-09-27)[2]
Preview release
1.0.0-M1 / September 17, 2018; 14 months ago (2018-09-17)[3]
RepositoryBrooklyn Repository
Written inJava, Javascript, Groovy
Operating systemLinux, macOS, Windows
TypeCloud computing, Orchestration
LicenseApache License 2.0

Apache Brooklyn is an open-source framework for modeling, deploying and managing distributed applications defined using declarative YAML blueprints. The design is influenced by Autonomic computing and promise theory and implements the OASIS CAMP (Cloud Application Management for Platforms) and TOSCA (Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications) standards.[4]


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