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Apache Kylin is an open source distributed analytics engine designed to provide a SQL interface and multi-dimensional analysis (OLAP) on Hadoop supporting extremely large datasets.

It was originally developed by eBay, and is now a project of the Apache Software Foundation.[1]


The Kylin project was started in 2013, in eBay's R&D in Shanghai, China. In Oct 2014, Kylin v0.6 was open sourced on github.com with the name "KylinOLAP"[2].

In Nov 2014, Kylin joined Apache Software Foundation incubator.

In December 2015, Apache Kylin graduated to be a Top Level Project [1].


Apache Kylin is built on top of Apache Hadoop, Apache Hive, Apache HBase, Apache Calcite, Apache Spark and other technologies. As these technologies are very powerful and matured, making Kylin can support massive data load, and easy to scale.

Kylin has the following core components:

  • REST Server: Receive and response user or APIrequrests
  • Metadata: Persistent and manage system, especially the cube metadata;
  • Query Engine: Parse SQL queries to execution plan, and then talk with storage engine;
  • Storage Engine: Pushdown and scan underlying cube storage (default in HBase);
  • Job Engine: Generate and execute MapReduce or Spark job to build source data into cube;


Apache Kylin has been adopted by many companies as their OLAP platform in production. Typical users includes eBay, Meituan, XiaoMi, NetEase, Beike, Yahoo! Japan.


Apache Kylin roadmap (from Kylin website[3]):

  • Hadoop 3.0 support (Erasure Coding)
  • Fully on Spark Cube engine
  • Connect more data sources (MySQL, Oracle, SparkSQL, etc)
  • Ad-hoc queries without Cubing
  • Better storage (Druid, Kudu, etc)
  • Real-time analytics with Lambda Architecture


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