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Apagado (Hualiaque)
Volcanic complex Apagado.jpg
The volcano is visible in the lower center of this NASA image.
Highest point
Elevation 1,210 m (3,970 ft)
Coordinates 41°53′0″S 72°35′0″W / 41.88333°S 72.58333°W / -41.88333; -72.58333Coordinates: 41°53′0″S 72°35′0″W / 41.88333°S 72.58333°W / -41.88333; -72.58333
Location Los Lagos Region, Chile
Parent range Andes
Mountain type Pyroclastic cone
Last eruption 590 BCE

Apagado (Spanish for Extinct, also known as Hualiaque) is a pyroclastic cone with scattered vegetation cover. It has an approximately 400 m (1,312 ft)-wide crater and a base diameter of approximately 2 km (1 mi). The volcano is located in Chile's Los Lagos Region, and lies 13 km (8 mi) west of the Hornopirén Volcano and southwest of Yate Volcano on a peninsula that borders the Reloncaví Estuary, Reloncaví Sound and Gulf of Ancud. Apagado has a nearly intact summit crater.

Hornopirén and Apagado. Hornopirén is the wide, cone-shaped mountain with flow patterns in the snow on its summit, while Apagado is the small, brownish cone with the wide crater on the bottom right hand side. It has a curved snow border on the left edge of its crater rim.

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