Arab Idol (season 2)

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Arab Idol season 2
آراب أيدول الموسم الثاني
Arab Idol.jpg
Genre Reality television
Created by Simon Fuller
Presented by Annabella Hilal
Ahmad Fahmi
Judges Ragheb Alama
Hassan El Shafei
Nancy Ajram
Country of origin Arab League Arab World
Original language(s) Arabic
Running time Varies
Original network MBC 1
Original release 8 March – 22 June 2013
Preceded by Arab Idol (season 1)
Followed by Arab Idol (season 3)

Following the huge success of the first season of Arab Idol, MBC launched the second season on 8 March 2013. The jury panel, composed of Ahlam, Ragheb Alama and Hassan El Shafei, is completed by Lebanese pop star Nancy Ajram. The top 27 was announced on 6 April 2013 and the first prime is scheduled for 19 April. 13 contestants should reach the final stage, compared with the first season where only 10 contestants were picked. On finale night, Mohammed Assaf from Palestine won the competition against Ahmad Gamal (from Egypt) and Farah Youssef (from Syria). There was an estimated 60 million votes. media and was welcomed with joy by Palestinians and the rest of the Arab world. This year was a premiere since it will be the first time that there is a non-Arab/non-Arabic speaker contestant (Parwas Hussain, from the Kurdish part of Iraq).


Ten dates were set for the auditions, which took place in 8 Arab countries (three audition dates in three different Egyptian cities).

Second round[edit]

After more than 15,000 auditions, the judges picked 95 to go onto the following round in Beirut, Lebanon. The second round of auditions consisted of three parts, the first of which saw candidates sing a song of their choice for 60 seconds in front of the panel in groups of 10. Only 61 made it through to the second part of the second round. In this part of the competition, candidates were split into 11 groups of 5 or 6, and had to perform iconic Arabic songs from movies and plays from the previous century. The repertoire consisted of the following songs :

For the girls:

  • "Mali" (by Warda Al-Jazairia) from the movie "Sawt El Hob" (1973)
  • "El Ward Gamil" (by Umm Kulthum) from the movie "Fatmah" (1947)
  • "Rajain Ya Hawa" (by Fairuz), from the Rahbani Brothers's play "Loulou" (1974)
  • "Ya Wad Ya Teel" (by Souad Hosni) from the movie "Khali Balak Min Zouzou" (1972)
  • "Imta Hataaraf/ Layali El Ouns" (by Asmahan) from the movie "Gharam wa Intiqam" (1944)

For the guys:

After further cuts, only 46 contenders remained, and moved onto the third and final part of the second round of auditions. The remaining competitors had to sing for their lives, of whom only 20 were to be chosen. However, this task proved to be too hard for the judges because of the great talent present. Thus, 27 contestants were hand-picked instead of 20 for the public vote, who had to choose only 12 of them to reach the final round of competitions.

The 27 contestants representing 10 Arab countries were revealed on April 6, 2013, and they are :

From Egypt Egypt: Karim Houssam (18), Sabrine El Nagily (20), Mirna Hisham (15), Ahmad Gamal (24), Haidy Moussa (19), Meriem Mohammad (16), Nourhane El Boghdadi (23)
From Morocco Morocco: Fatima-Zahra El Qortoubi (27), Salma Rachid (18), Omar El Idrissi (24), Jamal Abbad (25), Yousra Saouf (20)
From Tunisia Tunisia: Mohammed Dughman (24), Zouhour El Shaari (23), and Mohammed Amer (26)
From Syria Syria: Farah Youssef (21), Abdelkarim Hamdan (25)
From Iraq Iraq: Parwas Hussain (24), Oussama Naji (23), Mohannad Almarsoumi (27)
From Lebanon Lebanon: Ziad Khouri (24), Wael Said (18)
From Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia: Ibrahim Abdallah (25), Fares El Madani (27)
From Algeria Algeria: Saad Nizar (28)
From Bahrain Bahrain: Hanane Reda (21)
From State of Palestine Palestine: Mohammed Assaf (23)


Top 15 Males Top 12 Females
From Contestant Song Choice Result From Contestant Song Choice Result
Egypt Ahmad Gamal Mawaoud - Abdel Halim Hafez Advanced Egypt Mirna Hisham Ma Taatazirsh - Sherine
Iraq Oussama Naji Fog El Nakhl - Nazem Al Ghazali Morocco Yousra Saouf Oyoun El Alb - Nagat Al Saghira Wild Card
Tunisia Mohammed Ammar Yalli Taabna Sineen Fi Hawa - George Wassouf Tunisia Zouhour El Shahri El Asami - Thekra
Lebanon Wael Said Sayyajna Lebnan - Wadih El Safi Wild Card Egypt Heidi Moussa Lola Al Malama - Warda Al-Jazairia
Morocco Omar El Idrissi Balash Tbousni - Mohammed Abdel Wahab Bahrain Hanane Reda Galo Habaybak Msafer - Thekra Wild Card
Egypt Karim Houssam Al Dounia alametni - Wael Jassar Egypt Sabrine El Nagily Arouh Limeen - Umm Kulthum Advanced
Saudi Arabia Fares El Madani Ya Ghali Elathman - Mohammed Abdu Wild Card Iraqi Kurdistan Parwas Hussain Kurdish version of Qaduka Almayas - Sabah Fakhri Advanced
Algeria Saad Nizar C'est La Vie - Cheb Khaled Egypt Meriem Mohammed Yamma Alamar al Bab - Fayza Ahmed
State of Palestine Mohammad Assaf Ya Sghiri - Melhem Zein Advanced Morocco Salma Rachid Zaman El Samt - Talal Maddah Wild Card
Saudi Arabia Ibrahim Abdallah La Toudayekoun El Tarf - Mohammed Abdu Egypt Nourhane El Boghdadi Hayati - Assala Nasri
Lebanon Ziad Khouri Ya'bni - Wadih El Safi, Khatarna Ala Balak - Tony Hanna Advanced Morocco Fatima El Qortoubi Byahsidouni Aleh- Nawal El Kuwaitia
Tunisia Mohammed Daghman Aaz El Habayeb - Saber Rebaï Syria Farah Youssef Madam Tihibb Bitinkr Leih - Umm Kulthum Advanced
Syria Abdelkarim Hamdan Qaduka Almayas - Sabah Fakhri Advanced
Iraq Mohanad Almarsoumi Talaa Men Beit Abouha - Nazem Al Ghazali Advanced
Morocco Jamal Abbad Ibaatli Jawab - Sabah Fakhri

Top 13 Elimination chart[edit]

Female Male Wild Card Top 13 Winner
Safe Safe First Safe Last Eliminated Judges' Save
Stage: Semi Finals Finals
Week: Apr 19-20 Apr 27 May 4 May 11 May 18 May 25 Jun 1 Jun 8 Jun 15 Jun 22
Place Contestant Result
1 State of Palestine Mohammed Assaf Top 13 Winner
2–3 Egypt Ahmad Gamal Top 13 Bottom 3 Runner up
Syria Farah Youssef Top 13 Runner up
4 Lebanon Ziad Khouri Top 13 Bottom 3 Bottom 3 Bottom 3 Eliminated
5–6 Morocco Salma Rachid Wild Card Bottom 4 Eliminated
Iraqi Kurdistan Parwas Hussain Top 13 Bottom 4 Eliminated
7 Syria Abdelkarim Hamdan Top 13 Bottom 3 Bottom 4 Bottom 3 Eliminated
8 Iraq Mohanad Almarsoumi Top 13 Bottom 4 Eliminated
9–10 Morocco Yousra Saouf Wild Card Bottom 3 Eliminated
Saudi Arabia Fares El Madani Wild Card Saved Eliminated
11–12 Egypt Sabrine El Nagily Top 13 Bottom 3 Eliminated
Bahrain Hanane Reda Wild Card Bottom 2 Eliminated
13 Lebanon Wael Said Wild Card Eliminated


Week 1 (April 26, 2013)
Guest/Mentor: Nawal El Kuwaitia

State of Palestine Mohammed Assaf Aala Hisb Oudad - Abdelhalim Hafez
Morocco Salma Rachid Lazraalak Bostan Worood - Fouad Ghazi
Iraq Mohanad Almarsoumi Bayn Edaya - Majid Al Muhandis
Bahrain Hanane Reda Wa Hayati Aandek - Thekra
Syria Farah Youssef Helm - Umm Kulthum
Lebanon Wael Said Ma Aad Baddiyak - Melhem Zein
Saudi Arabia Fares El Madani Yaben Esshoug - Abadi Al Johar
Egypt Ahmad Gamal Younis - Mohammed Mounir
Egypt Sabrine El Nagily Kahil El Ain - Asma Lamnawar
Iraqi Kurdistan Parwas Hussein Magadir - Talal Maddah
Syria Abdelkarim Hamdan Salam Aaliha Ya Hawa - Melhem Barakat
Morocco Yousra Saouf El Amaken - Mohammed Abdo
Lebanon Ziad Khouri Deggou El Mahabij - Fairouz

Week 2 (May 3, 2013)
Guest/Mentor: Samira Said

Syria Farah Youssef Habina wa Thabina - Mayada El Henawi
Iraq Mohanad Almarsoumi Law wa Lawl wa Lowa - Saadoun Jaber
Morocco Salma Rachid Aal Bal - Samira Said
Syria Abdelkarim Hamdan Aala Rimsh Ayounha - Wadih El Safi
Morocco Yousra Saouf Elli Kan - Nancy Ajram
Saudi Arabia Fares El Madani Ma Aad Badri - Mohammed Abdo
Bahrain Hanane Reda Ahebak Moot - Ahlam
Lebanon Ziad Khouri Yalli Bi Jamalak - Saber Rebaï
State of Palestine Mohammed Assaf Ya Reit - Ragheb Alama
Egypt Sabrine El Nagily Elli Lamooni - Thekra
Egypt Ahmad Gamal Imta El Zaman - Mohammed Abdel Wahab
Iraqi Kurdistan Parwas Hussein Nergiz - Tipa Duhok / Aal Ain Mouliyatin - Samira Tawfik

Week 3 (May 10, 2013)
Guest/Mentor: Ramy Ayach

Egypt Ahmad Gamal Misheet Khalas - Wael Jassar
Lebanon Ziad Khouri Ana Ya Tayr Dayaani Nasseebi - Fouad Salem
Iraqi Kurdistan Parwas Hussain Shloonek Eini Shloonek - Salah Abdelghafour
Morocco Salma Rachid Li Saber Houdoud - Umm Kulthum
Saudi Arabia Fares El Madani Million Khater - Abdelmajeed Abdullah
State of Palestine Mohammed Assaf Gatalouni Oyoun Essoud - Wadih El Safi
Iraq Mohanad Almarsoumi Eni Khayartouki - Kadhem Al Saher
Syria Farah Youssef La Ashad Hobak - Najwa Karam
Morocco Yousra Saouf In Raht Minek Ya Ain - Shadia
Syria Abdelkarim Hamdan Ya Mal El Sham - Sabah Fakhri

Week 4 (May 17, 2013)
Guest/Mentor: Nawal El-Zoughby

Iraqi Kurdistan Parwas Hussain Ahebak - Samira Tawfik
Morocco Yousra Saouf Ana Albi Lek Meyal - Fayza Ahmed
Lebanon Ziad Khouri Zaraanaha Galoub - Wadih El Safi
Syria Abdelkarim Hamdan Elli Nisak Insak - Abdallah Al Rowaished
Morocco Salma Rachid Zay El Assal - Sabah
Iraq Mohanad Almarsoumi Inta Aala Bali - Iraqi folklore
Egypt Ahmad Gamal Rouh - Fadel Shaker
Saudi Arabia Fares El Madani Ouli Aamalak Eih - Mohammed Abdel Wahab
Syria Farah Youssef Lagetak - Issam Rajji
State of Palestine Mohammed Assaf El Zina Labsat Khalkhalaha - Samir Yazbek

Week 5 (May 24, 2013)
Guest/Mentor: Mohammed Mounir

Morocco Salma Rachid Ana Baasha'ak - Mayada El Henawi
Iraq Mohanad Almarsoumi Goul Ya Helo - Nazem Al Ghazali
Iraqi Kurdistan Parwas Hussein Baeed Aanak - Umm Kulthum
Syria Abdelkarim Hamdan Aal Tayer - Saber Rebaï
Lebanon Ziad Khouri Wala Mara - Melhem Barakat
State of Palestine Mohammed Assaf Aanabi - Karem Mahmoud
Syria Farah Youssef Ehsas Jdeed - Nancy Ajram
Egypt Ahmad Gamal Sawah - Abdelhalim Hafez

Week 6 (May 31, 2013)
Guest/Mentor: Cheb Khaled

Lebanon Ziad Khouri Lahjour Gassrak - George Wassouf
Syria Abdelkarim Hamdan Aala Aagig - Sabah Fakhri
Syria Farah Youssef Awedak - Souad Mohammed
Egypt Ahmad Gamal Albi Aasha'ha - Ragheb Alama
Iraqi Kurdistan Parwas Hussein Ya Tayr Ya Tayer - Mohammed Mounir
State of Palestine Mohammed Assaf Wa Baad Kentom - Mohammed Abdo
Morocco Salma Rachid Katar Kheiry - Sherine

Week 7 (June 7, 2013)
Guest/Mentor: Diana Haddad

Syria Farah Youssef Ya Bidii El Ward - Asmahan
State of Palestine Mohammed Assaf Sawt El Heda - Assi El Helani
Morocco Salma Rachid Nawilak Aala Niya - Ahlam
Iraqi Kurdistan Parwas Hussein Saalouni Ennas - Fairuz
Lebanon Ziad Khouri Mamnounak Ana - Melhem Zein
Egypt Ahmad Gamal Wahiyatek Ya Habibi - Sayed Mekawy

Week 8 (June 14, 2013)
Guest/Mentor: Sherine

Syria Farah Youssef Eatazalt El Gharam - Majida El Roumi El Oyoun Essoud - Warda Al-Jazairia
Egypt Ahmad Gamal Wahashtini Oyounak - Ahmad Saad Amana Aalik - Karem Mahmoud
Lebanon Ziad Khouri Ramshet Ain - Wadih El Safi Garahona - George Wassouf
State of Palestine Mohammed Assaf Kol Da Kan Leih - Mohammed Abdel Wahab Nemshi wa Nemshi - Saber Rebaï

Week 9 (June 21, 2013)
Guest/Mentor: Assi El Helani

Egypt Ahmad Gamal Ala Nar - Saber Rebaï Fagdatek - Hussain Al Jasmi Ahlef Bi Samaha wa Torabha - Abdelhalim Hafez
Syria Farah Youssef Qodoud El Halabiya - Syrian folklore Gallaw Tari - Abadi Al Johar Baktob Ismek Ya Bladi - Joseph Azar
State of Palestine Mohammed Assaf Ya Ain Ala Saber - Wadih El Safi Lena Allah - Mohammed Abdu Aali El Kuffiyeh" - Palestinian folklore