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Argentine-South African relations
Map indicating locations of South Africa and Argentina

South Africa


Argentine-South African relations refers to the current and historical relationship between Argentina and South Africa. Diplomatic relations were first established on September 10, 1947 but were cut off in 1982 due to the Falklands War. Relations were cut again in 1985 by Argentine following the Non-Aligned Movement's policy of isolating the Apartheid government of South Africa. Full diplomatic relations between both countries were re-established in August 1991.[1]

Argentina has an embassy in Pretoria and South Africa has an embassy in Buenos Aires. Both countries are members of the Cairns Group. As of 2010, Argentina was South Africa's second largest trading partner in Latin America after Brazil.[2]

There are estimated to be 4,000 families of Argentine origin living in South Africa in 2014/15 with an active Argentinian Association in Johannesburg.[3]


In August 2009, former South African leader of the opposition party Democratic Alliance, Tony Leon, was appointed as his country's to ambassador to Argentina.[4] As of July 2014 the current South African ambassador to Argentina is Nelson Mandela's daughter, Zenani Mandela-Dlamini.[5] The Argentinian Ambassador to South Africa is H.E. R. Carlos Sersale di Cerisano.[3]


As of June 2013 Argentina was South Africa's third largest trading partner in Latin America.[6] Bilateral contacts in sports, tourism, trade and agriculture (with a specific focus on no-till technology) have expanded the most over the past few years.[1][3]

Year IMPORTS from Argentina to South Africa US$ EXPORTS to Argentina from South Africa US$ Trade Balance US$[3]
2010 $141,194,955 $878,875,423 $737,680,468
2011 $204,929,315 $1,130,611,865 $925,682,550
2012 $242,016,775 $1,050,060,434 $808,043,659
2013 $242,533,898 $684,574,856 $442,040,958

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