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Map of countries with embassies in Argentina

This is a list of diplomatic missions in Argentina. There are currently 86 embassies in Buenos Aires, and many countries maintain consulates in other Argentine cities (not including honorary consulates).

Embassies in Buenos Aires[edit]

Embassy of France in Buenos Aires
Embassy of the Holy See in Buenos Aires
Embassy of Indonesia in Buenos Aires
Embassy of Palestine in Buenos Aires

Representative Office[edit]


Consulates in Bahía Blanca[edit]

Consulate in Bariloche[edit]

  •  Chile Consulate-General

Consulate in Clorinda[edit]

Consulate in Comodoro Rivadavia[edit]

Consulate in Concordia[edit]

Consulates in Córdoba[edit]

Consulate in Corrientes[edit]

Consulate in Formosa[edit]

Consulate in Jujuy[edit]

Consulates in La Plata[edit]

  •  Italy Consulate-General
  •  Peru Consulate-General

Consulate in La Quiaca[edit]

Consular Agency in Lomas de Zamora[edit]

Consulates in Mar del Plata[edit]

Consulates in Mendoza[edit]

Consulate of Italy in Mendoza
Consulate-General of Spain in Mendoza

Consular Agency in Morón[edit]

Consulate in Neuquén[edit]

  •  Chile Consulate-General

Consulate in Orán[edit]

Consulate in Pocito[edit]

Consulate in Posadas[edit]

Consulate in Puerto Iguazú[edit]

Consulate in Resistencia[edit]

Consulate in Río Gallegos[edit]

  •  Chile Consulate-General

Consulate in Río Grande, Tierra del Fuego[edit]

Consulates in Rosario[edit]

Consulates in Salta[edit]

Consulate in Ushuaia[edit]

Consulate in Viedma[edit]

Non-resident representation[edit]

Resident in Brasilia unless otherwise noted

Former embassies[edit]

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