Assam roofed turtle

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Assam roofed turtle
Photo of Pangshura sylhetensis from Pakke Tiger Reserve
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Reptilia
Order: Testudines
Suborder: Cryptodira
Family: Geoemydidae
Genus: Pangshura
Species: P. sylhetensis
Binomial name
Pangshura sylhetensis
  • Pangshura sylhetensis Jerdon, 1870
  • Jerdonella sylhetensis Gray, 1870
  • Kachuga sylhetensis Boulenger, 1889

Assam roofed turtle (Pangshura sylhetensis) , is a species of the Geoemydidae family of turtles found in the Brahmaputra-Meghna drainage in India (Assam) and parts of eastern Bangladesh. It was formerly in the Batagur genus and defunct genus Kachuga.


Carapace pattern

This turtle has an elevated carapace, tectiform, the keel ending in an elevated pointed nodosity on the third vertebral shield, forming a strong ridge on the last two vertebrals; posterior margin very strongly serrated; 26 marginal shields, instead of 24 as m all other species o£ the genus; first vertebral shield much broader in front than behind in the half-grown specimens, equally broad in front and behind in the adult; second vertebral shortest, broader than long, with straight posterior border; third vertebral considerably longer than broad, pointed behind, and forming a very narrow suture with the fourth, which tapers anteriorly and equals in length the first and second together ; fifth vertebral not broader than fourth, pointed posteriorly. Plastron large, feebly angulate laterally, truncate anteriorly, angularly notched posteriorly; the longest median suture is that between the abdominals; suture between the gulars as long as or shorter than that between the humerals; suture between gulars and humerals forming aright angle; inguinal and axillary large. Carapace olive-brown, usually with a lighter streak along the keel; plastral shields dark brown with a broad yellow border.[2] Length of shell 7 inches.

Type locality: Sylhet River, Khasi Hills, India.


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