Asterix and the Power of the Gods

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Asterix and the Power of the Gods
Cover art
Developer(s)Core Design[1]
Designer(s)Simon Phipps
Programmer(s)Stefan Walker[2]
Composer(s)Nathan McCree
Platform(s)Sega Genesis
Genre(s)2D action platformer

Asterix and the Power of the Gods is a 1995 2D action platformer video game for the Sega Genesis based on the comic book series Asterix.[2]


In Gaul (where modern-day France would be today), the leader of the Gauls - Vercingetorix - was defeated by Julius Caesar and his Roman army. The shield was lost to the invading Romans and Asterix must liberate the shield from their control.


Players must guide Asterix through different levels. An isometric map is used to enter different levels. Asterix has the ability to run, jump, and defeat enemies by directly hitting them.[2]

Players can talk to non-player characters just like in a role-playing game. Other people's houses can also be visited in search of clues.

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