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The Auxiliary Force (India) (AFI) was a part-time, paid volunteer organisation within the Indian Army in British India. Its units were entirely made up of European and Anglo-Indian personnel.

The AFI was created by the Auxiliary Force Act 1920[1] to replace the unpopular British section of the Indian Defence Force, which had recruited by conscription. By contrast, the AFI was an all-volunteer force modelled after the British Territorial Army.

The Indian parallel to the AFI was the Indian Territorial Force.

Units of the AFI on 3 September 1939[edit]

Name Headquarters
Agra Contingent Agra
Allahabad Contingent Allahabad
Bangalore Contingent Bangalore
Bareilly Corps Bareilly
Bareilly Contingent Naini Tal
Bombay Contingent Bombay
Cawnpore Contingent Cawnpore
Dehra Dun Contingent[2] Dehra Dun
Delhi Contingent[3] Delhi
Karachi Corps Karachi
Lucknow Contingent Lucknow
Madras Contingent Madras
Poona Contingent Poona
Punjab Contingent Lahore
Cavalry regiments
Assam Valley Light Horse Dibrugarh
Bihar Light Horse Muzaffarpur
Bombay Light Patrol[4] Bombay
Calcutta Light Horse Calcutta
Chota Nagpur Regiment Ranchi
Northern Bengal Mounted Rifles Darjeeling
Punjab Light Horse[5] Lahore
Southern Provinces Mounted Rifles Madras
Surma Valley Light Horse Silchar
Allahabad Detachment, United Provinces Horse (Southern Regiment)[6] Allahabad
Cawnpore Detachment, United Provinces Horse (Southern Regiment)[7] Cawnpore
Lucknow Detachment, United Provinces Horse (Southern Regiment)[8] Lucknow
Armoured Car companies
Bangalore Armoured Car Company[9] Bangalore
Artillery brigades[10]
Bengal Artillery, RA Barrackpore
I (Calcutta Port Defence) Brigade, RA Calcutta
V (Cossipore) Field Brigade, RA Cossipore
Separate artillery batteries
No. 3 (Madras) Field Battery, RA[11] Madras
No. 10 (Bombay) Battery, RA[4] Bombay
No. 13 (Lucknow) Field Battery, RA[8] Lucknow
No. 15 (Kirkee) Field Battery, RA[12] Kirkee
No. 17 (Agra) Field Battery, RA[13] Agra
No. 18 (Bareilly) Field Battery, RA[14] Bareilly
No. 20 (Cawnpore) Field Battery, RA[7] Cawnpore
Engineer companies
No. 1 (Calcutta) Fortress Company, RE Calcutta
No. 3 (Bombay) Fortress Company, RE[4] Bombay
No. 4 (Karachi) Fortress Company, RE[15] Karachi
Signal companies
No. 1 (Madras) Signal Company[11] Madras
Railway battalions
Assam Bengal Railway Battalion Chittagong
Bengal Nagpur Railway Battalion Kharagpur
Bengal and North Western Railway Battalion Gorakhpur
1st Battalion, Bombay, Baroda and Central India Railway Regiment Lower Parel
2nd Battalion, Bombay, Baroda and Central India Railway Regiment Ajmer
Eastern Bengal Railway Battalion Sealdah
1st Battalion, East Indian Railway Regiment Lillooah
2nd Battalion, East Indian Railway Regiment Lucknow
1st Battalion, Great India Peninsula Railway Regiment Parel
2nd Battalion, Great India Peninsula Railway Regiment Jhansi
1st Battalion, Madras and Southern Mahratta Railway Rifles Perambur
2nd Battalion, Madras and Southern Mahratta Railway Rifles Hubli
North Western Railway Battalion Lahore
South Indian Railway Battalion Trichinopoly
Infantry battalions
Allahabad Rifles[6] Allahabad
Bangalore Battalion (Bangalore Rifle Volunteers)[9] Bangalore
Bombay Battalion[4] Bombay
Calcutta and Presidency Battalion Calcutta
Calcutta Scottish Calcutta
Cawnpore Rifles[7] Cawnpore
East Coast Battalion Vizayapatam
Hyderabad Rifles Secunderabad
Kolar Gold Fields Battalion Oorgaum
Lucknow Rifles[8] Lucknow
Madras Guards[11] Madras
Nagpur Rifles Nagpur
Nilgiri Malabar Battalion Ootacamund
Poona Rifles[12] Poona
Punjab Rifles[5] Lahore
Simla Rifles Simla
Sind Rifles[15] Karachi
Separate infantry companies
Bhusawal Company[16] Bhusawal
Coorg and Mysore Company Mercara
Eastern Bengal Company Dacca
Yercaud Company Yercaud
Machine-gun companies
No. 2 (Karachi) Machine-Gun Company[15] Karachi
No. 5 (Agra) Machine-Gun Company[13] Agra


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