Battle of Jeddah (1813)

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Ottoman return of Jeddah 1813
Part of the Ottoman–Saudi War
Mohammed Ali.
DateEarly days of 1813
Jeddah, western Arabia
Result Ottoman victory.
Ottoman Empire Ottoman Empire First Saudi State
Commanders and leaders
Ottoman Empire Mohammed Ali Pasha
Ottoman Empire Tusun Pasha
Saud al-Kabeer
25,000[citation needed] 2,000[citation needed]
Casualties and losses
60 dead.[citation needed] 800 dead.[citation needed]

The Battle of Jeddah (Turkish: Cidde Muharebesi) was fought in 1813 at the west Arabian port of Jeddah as part of the Ottoman–Saudi War. The Ottoman army of Tusun Pasha arrived from Medina, and a new army led by his father Mohammed Ali Pasha arrived from Egypt. The Egyptian forces recaptured the city immediately, and the Ottoman-appointed Sharif was sent to Constantinople as a prisoner. A few days later, these forces captured Mecca itself, and Sultan Mahmud II restored Ghalib Efendi as the Sharif of Hejaz.

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