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The Bauchan (Irish: Bòcan[1] English: Bauchan, Buckawn or Bogan) is a type of hobgoblin from Scottish folklore.[2] It is often mischievous and sometimes dangerous, but also helpful when the need arises.[2]

In folklore[edit]

John Francis Campbell in his Popular Tales of the West Highlands provides the story of Callum Mor MacIntosh whose farm in Lochaber was haunted by a bauchan. There was a kind of love-hate relationship that existed between the two for they often fought, but the bauchan helped Callum whenever it was needed. When Callum emigrated to New York the bauchan went with him and helped him clear his new plot of land. In this tale the bauchan is able to transform himself into a goat.[2][3]

In fiction[edit]

The character "Buckeye" is a bauchan in The Haunted Wizard by Christopher Stasheff.


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