Best Regards (Buckethead album)

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Best Regards
Box set by Buckethead, Brain & Melissa Reese
Released Jul 15 2010 (limited edition)
Jan 8 2011(standard edition)
Genre Experimental rock
Length 3:46:37
Label TDRS Music
Buckethead, Brain & Melissa Reese chronology
Best Regards
Kind Regards
(2010)Kind Regards2010

Best Regards is a limited edition 5-cd box set released by Buckethead, in collaboration with Bryan "Brain" Mantia and Melissa Reese. It was released on July 15, 2010, and is recorded on 5 multicolored CD-Rs. This is the first volume out of three CD box sets.[1](registration required) This is also the first new Buckethead music released since his return from injury.

The lower numbered sets are hand numbered in Roman numerals, higher numbers in Arabic numerals, and will feature unique cover art hand drawn by Buckethead, Brain, and Melissa. The box set was announced the same day as the repressings of the albums A Real Diamond in the Rough, and Slaughterhouse on the Prairie were made available from TDRS Music.

Travis Dickerson (from TDRS Music), announced that there will be a standard edition of this box set, along with some sample from the albums but release of this edition is yet to be determined.[2]

On January 2011, the 743 copies limited edition of the album were sold out. The regular edition was released on Jan 8 2011 with all 5 colored CDr's housed in a 5 CD black jacket wallet.[3]

Similarly to In Search of The, as all the songs are untitled, fans have created their own unofficial tracknames to go with the songs.

Track listing[edit]

Orange Disc:

No. Title Length
1. "Track 1" 13:00
2. "Track 2" 13:24
3. "Track 3" 19:22
Total length: 45:46

Blue Disc:

No. Title Length
1. "Track 1" 9:50
2. "Track 2" 19:37
3. "Track 3" 15:02
Total length: 44:29

Green Disc:

No. Title Length
1. "Track 1" 30:00
2. "Track 2" 10:17
Total length: 40:17

Yellow Disc:

No. Title Length
1. "Track 1" 13:06
2. "Track 2" 12:58
3. "Track 3" 9:28
4. "Track 4" 11:35
Total length: 47:07

Purple Disc:

No. Title Length
1. "Track 1" 17:05
2. "Track 2" 31:53
Total length: 48:58