Binnya Ran II

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Binnya Ran II
ဒုတိယ ဗညားရံ
King of Hanthawaddy
Reign c. 1492–1526
Coronation 29 January 1493[note 1]
Predecessor Dhammazedi
Successor Taka Yut Pi
Born c. February 1469
Tuesday, 830 ME[1]
Pegu (Bago)
Died 1526 (aged 57)
888 ME[2]
Consort Agga Thiri Maya Dewi
Maha Yaza Dewi
Atula Dewi
Yaza Dewi
Issue Yazadipati
Taka Yut Pi
Smim Htaw
House Wareru
Father Dhammazedi
Mother Yaza Dewi II of Hanthawaddy
Religion Theravada Buddhism

Binnya Ran II (Burmese: ဒုတိယ ဗညားရံ, pronounced [dṵtḭja̰ bəɲá jàɴ]; Mon: ဗညားရာံ; 1469–1526) the 17th king of the Kingdom of Hanthawaddy in Burma from 1492 to 1526. He was revered for his gentleness although his first act as king was to enforce the massacre of the kinsmen, putting all the royal offspring to death.[3]

During the confusion of Binnya Ran's ascension, Mingyi Nyo of Toungoo who at the time was a vassal of Ava, without King Minkhaung II's permission, sent a probing raid into Hanthawaddy territory. Binnya Ran II sent in a retaliatory raid of the city of Toungoo itself.[4] After the show of force, Hanthawaddy was free of any incursions.

In 1501, he assembled an army of thousands to travel up the Irrawaddy river to pay pilgrimage to the Shwezigon Pagoda at Pagan inside Ava's territory. When the king of Prome, a small kingdom wedged between Ava and Hanthawaddy, checked him, he replied: "I could conquer both you and Ava but I do not wish. I only wish to worship before the Shwezigon". He returned peacefully after having worshiped there.[3]


Binnya Ran had at least four senior queens in 1495.[note 2]

Queen Rank Issue Reference
Agga Thiri Maya Dewi Chief queen unknown [5]
Maha Yaza Dewi Senior queen unknown
Atula Dewi Senior queen unknown
Yaza Dewi Senior queen unknown

The king had at least three sons: Heir-apparent Yazadipati, Taka Yut Pi (Taka Rat Pi),[6] and Smim Htaw.


Chronicles Birth–Death Age Reign Length of reign Reference
Slapat Rajawan c. 1446–1526/27 80 1491/92–1526/27 35 [note 3]
Mon Yazawin (Shwe Naw) 1468/69–1526/27 57 1491/92–1526/27 35 [note 4]


  1. ^ (Schmidt 1906: 139): 13th waxing of Tabodwe 854 ME = 29 January 1493
  2. ^ (Aung-Thwin 2017: 278–279) directly quoting Shorto's translation of the king's visit to the Shwemawdaw pagoda. The visit took over the course of two days (2 April to 3 April 1495). The original text contains two dates that are not consistent. The first date Thursday, the 9th waxing of Ashadha [Waso] 857 ME [sic] (Sunday, 31 May 1495), followed by the next morning date of Friday, the 11th waxing of Vaishakha [Kason] 857 ME (Friday, 3 April 1495). The first date is clearly wrong; the second date correctly translates to a Friday.
  3. ^ Schmidt's translation (Schmidt 1906: 141) mistakenly reports the king's reign as 45 years but the actual manuscript in Mon, as printed a page earlier (Schmidt 1906: 140), shows the reign as 35 years. According to (Schmidt 1906: 139–141), the king came to power in 853 ME (1491/92) in his 46th year (aged 45) and died in his 81st year (at age 80) in 888 ME (1526/27), having reigned 35 years.
    Overall, the chronicle's age at death of 80 (meaning he was born c. 1446) is unlikely since the king's father Dhammazedi was still a monk until c. 1460.
  4. ^ (Shwe Naw 1922: 97–98, 104): He was born in 830 ME (1468/69) on a Tuesday; ascended the throne in his 23rd year (at age 22); reigned for 35 years; and died in 888 ME (1526/27) in his 58th year (at age 57).


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Binnya Ran II
Born: 1469 Died: 1526
Regnal titles
Preceded by
King of Hanthawaddy
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Heir to the Hanthawaddy Throne
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