Tarabya I of Sagaing

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For other people named Tarabya, see Tarabya (disambiguation).
King of Sagaing
Reign 5 February 1327 – 1335
Predecessor Saw Yun
Successor Shwetaungtet
Chief Minister Nandapangyan
Consort Saw Hnaung
Issue Shwetaungtet
House Myinsaing
Mother Yadanabon of Pinya[1]
Born 8 July 1297
Monday, 2nd waning of 2nd Waso 659 ME[2]
Died 1339 (aged 42)[3]
Religion Theravada Buddhism

Tarabya I or Tarabyagyi (Burmese: တရဖျားကြီး, pronounced: [təja̰pʰjá dʑí];1297–1339) was king of Sagaing from 1327 to 1335. He succeeded King Sawyun, his maternal half-brother. In 1335, he was brought put under arrest by his own son Shwetaungtet. After Shwetaungtet himself was assassinated in 1339 by Chief Minister Nandapangyan, the captive king was also killed.[4]


Tarabya was at least half-Shan, (and likely full Shan). His mother Yadanabon was an ethnic Shan. His father died soon after his birth. Tarabya was just over a year old when his mother remarried to Thihathu, and gave birth to Sawyun.[1]


The reign of Tarabya given by inscriptional evidence does not agree with those in the chronicles. According to inscriptional evidence, Tarabya came to power on 5 February 1327 and was overthrown in 1335/1336 (697 ME).[5] According to the chronicles, he ascended the throne on 20 April 1323 (1st waning of Kason 685 ME), and lost power in 1336/1337 (698 ME).[6]


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Tarabya I of Sagaing
Born: 1297 Died: 1339
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Saw Yun
King of Sagaing
Succeeded by