Brentwood Town Centre Station

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Brentwood Town Centre
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SkyTrain station
Brentwood Town Centre Station end view.jpg
Location 4533 Lougheed Highway, Burnaby
Coordinates 49°15′59″N 123°00′06″W / 49.26633°N 123.00163°W / 49.26633; -123.00163Coordinates: 49°15′59″N 123°00′06″W / 49.26633°N 123.00163°W / 49.26633; -123.00163
Owned by BC Ministry of Transportation, TransLink
Platforms Side platforms
Tracks 2
Structure type Elevated
Disabled access Yes
Other information
Station code BR
Fare zone 2
Opened August 31, 2002
Passengers (2011[1]) 11,515
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toward VCC–Clark
Millennium Line
toward Waterfront
toward VCC–Clark
Evergreen Line

Brentwood Town Centre Station (sometimes abbreviated as Brentwood Station) is located on an elevated portion of the Millennium Line. The station is a part of Metro Vancouver's SkyTrain rapid transit system, and is one of the busier stations on the Millennium Line.

The station is located near the intersection of Lougheed Highway and Willingdon Avenue in Burnaby.



Brentwood Skytrain.jpg

Brentwood Town Centre station is located directly above Lougheed Highway. It is the only station in the system that is built on median, with the entire station footprint located directly above a roadway. The station is also designed to serve as a pedestrian overpass across Lougheed Highway, which requires the station platforms to be high above the roadway and a mezzanine/concourse to be built below the platform level. The station is one of the only three on Millennium Line, beside Lougheed Town Centre Station and Gilmore Station, that features a concourse level.

The station is built using a combination of wood and steel, customly designed to provide a curved appearance. The extensive use of glass for the outer wall make the station glow at night. On May 11, 2002, Perkins+Will Canada, designers of the station, were honoured for their work with a Governor General's Medal in Architecture.[2]

Station information[edit]

Station layout[edit]

T Train Level
C Concourse Level Connecting the north and south ends of Lougheed Highway
S Street Level

Station entrances and connections[edit]

North Entrance Handicapped/disabled access contains a set of stairs and an elevator connecting the station concourse with the sidewalk on the north side of Lougheed Highway. A bus stop located directly in front of the entrance provides a drop-off for faster SkyTrain connection without the need of going to the bus loop. The stop serves the routes:

136 Brentwood Station
N9 Downtown Night Bus

North Entrance Mall/Bus Loop Access Handicapped/disabled access connects the Brentwood Town Centre mall, bus loop, and the station with a long ramp and walkway. The walkway enters the station at the north end of the concourse level, and it is completely covered and weather protected. See Brentwood Town Centre Station#Transit exchange for a list of connections.

South Entrance is a stair-only access connecting the station concourse with the sidewalk on the south side of Lougheed Highway. This entrance provides alternative and potentially faster bus connections to various bus routes in the area.

  • Transit connection on Lougheed Highway eastbound, near the entrance of the station:
136 Lougheed Station
N9 Coquitlam Station Night Bus
  • The stop on northbound Willingdon Avenue near the station entrance serves routes one stop before the transit exchange:
25 Brentwood Station
123 Brentwood Station
130 To Hastings / Phibbs Exchange / Capilano University
  • The stop on southbound Willingdon Avenue serves routes one stop after the transit exchange:
25 UBC
123 New Westminster Station
130 Metrotown Station

Transit exchange[edit]

Brentwood Town Centre Station provides a partial off-street transit exchange beside the Willingdon Street mall entrance. Bus bay assignments is as follows:[3]

Bay Location Routes
1 Bus Loop /
Willingdon Avenue
Unload Only
2 Bus Loop /
Willingdon Avenue
130 To Hastings / Phibbs Exchange / Capilano University
3 Bus Loop 123 New Westminster Station
4 Bus Loop 136 Lougheed Station
5 Bus Loop 25 UBC
6 Bus Loop 134 Lake City Station
7 Willingdon Avenue
130 Metrotown Station


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