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Bridges Street Market.
The Church of Christ in China China Congregational Church, Bridges Street.
Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong, Bridges Street.

Bridges Street (Chinese: 必列者士街) is a 300-metre two-way street in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.


On the east, the street intersects Shing Wong Street and Staunton Street. On the west, it intersects Square Street. The west side of the street ends with a staircase which connects Tai Ping Shan Street. Therefore, to go to Hollywood Road, drivers must drive back to Aberdeen Street.


Its name comes from William Thomas Bridges, a British lawyer, Acting Attorney General and Acting Colonial Secretary, who was active in Hong Kong from 1851 to 1861.[1][2][3] Bridges was an old friend[citation needed] of Sir John Bowring, the 4th Governor of Hong Kong. The law firm established by Bridges later became known as Deacons.[4]



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Coordinates: 22°17′01″N 114°09′00″E / 22.283701°N 114.150003°E / 22.283701; 114.150003