Bridgette Crosby

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Bridgette Crosby
Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
First appearanceSuperman (vol. 2) #158 (July 2000)
Created byJeph Loeb (script)
Duncan Rouleau (pencils)
Jamie Mendoza (inks)
In-story information
Full nameDr. Bridgette Crosby
Team affiliationsS.T.A.R. Labs

Professor Bridgette Crosby is a fictional character in the DC Comics Universe, who first appeared in Superman (vol. 2) #158 (July 2000). The character has also made appearances in the Smallville television series, portrayed by actress Margot Kidder, who played the role of Lois Lane in the Superman film series.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Along with Kitty Faulkner, John Henry Irons, Ray Palmer, and Sarah Charles, Bridgette Crosby was a part of Team Superman, a group of scientists trying to cure Superman of kryptonite poisoning in the "Critical Condition" storyline. At S.T.A.R. Labs, they shrunk Team Superman down to microscopic size in order to go inside Superman, find the tumor, and cut it out before it was too late.

In other media[edit]


A somewhat different Bridgette Crosby, played by Margot Kidder, was featured in the Smallville television series as an emissary of Virgil Swann (portrayed by Kidder's one-time co-star in the Superman film series, Christopher Reeve). First appearing in the Season 4 opener, "Crusade", Crosby approached Martha Kent with a way to restore her son, Clark, from his current state as Kal-El, who was beginning his search for the three stones of power. It seemed as if Crosby's and Swann's plan was to use the black, manufactured form of kryptonite against Clark/Kal-El. This may not have been to harm Clark, but to preserve the crystals for benign reasons. Just after Kal-El had retrieved the fire element, Martha used the black kryptonite to split Clark/Kal-El into separate personas, with Clark winning the ensuing battle.

Crosby next appeared at the very end of the episode "Transference", picking up Lionel Luthor's stone-fanatic ex-cellmate, Edgar, after he was released from prison. Edgar then gave her the water element, which previously had caused Lionel and Clark to switch bodies when they both grabbed it. Crosby was mentioned again (but not seen) in the episode "Spirit", in which she was supposed to meet with Lex Luthor, but instead was found dead and half buried on the Luthor estate. It became apparent that she was captured and killed by Jason Teague, who then acquired the water element. For good measure, Jason accused Lex of the murder, who then arranged to remove all records of Crosby's existence. Her name was once again mentioned by Jason in the season finale as he interrogated the Kents. It was unclear if Crosby was an antagonist to Clark, but as Clark's biological father, Jor-El, warned him, "Greed will drive others to hunt the stones...."

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