26th Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)

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26th Infantry Brigade
Active 1915-1919
Country United Kingdom
Branch British Army
Type Infantry
Engagements Western Front
Burma Campaign

The 26th Infantry Brigade was the name of two British Army formations during the First World War and Second World War.

First World War[edit]

The 26th Brigade was formed in 1915 as part of Kitchener's Army of volunteers. It served on the Western Front throughout the war as part of the 9th (Scottish) Division, before being disbanded in 1919.

Component units[edit]

Second World War[edit]

The brigade was initially formed as an organic part of the 9th (Highland) Infantry Division, itself a duplicate of the 51st (Highland) Infantry Division. When the 51st Highland Division was surrounded and forced to surrender during the Battle of France the 9th Division was renamed as the 51st Division. As part of these changes the 26th Infantry Brigade was redesignated as the 152nd Infantry Brigade on 7 August 1940.

On 6 April 1945 the 26th Indian Infantry Brigade was reformed as the 26th British Infantry Brigade, part of the 36th Infantry Division which was fighting in the Burma Campaign. This second brigade fought its way to Rangoon. After the reformation of the Territorial Army in 1947 it was active as an independent infantry brigade within Scottish Command for a period.

Component units[edit]

In 1939[edit]

In 1945[edit]


  • Brig. I.K. Thomas (CO Original 26th Brigade)
  • Brig. M.B. Jennings
  • Brig. L. Gwydyr-Jones


  1. ^ Transferred to 15th Division and amalgamated with 10th Battalion The Gordon Highlanders in May, 1916

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