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Buccaneer Class Symbol
Class symbol
Buccaneer Line Drawing
Designer Rod Macalpine-Downie and Dick Gibbs
Year 1966
Crew 2-3
Draft 3 ft. 10 in.
Hull weight 500 lb (230 kg)
LOA 18 ft (5.5 m)
LWL 16 ft. 8 in.
Beam 6 ft (1.8 m)
Spinnaker area 178 sq ft (16.5 m2)
Upwind Sail Area 175 sq ft (16.3 m2)
D-PN 87.0

The Buccaneer (a.k.a. Buccaneer 18) is a day sailer for pleasure sailing as well as racing; it is sailed throughout North America.

Designed in 1966 by Rod Macalpine-Downie and Dick Gibbs, the Buccaneer incorporates classic elements that have made this racing dinghy a consistent performer for more than 35 years.

Due to its hull design, the Buccaneer planes in 8-10 knots of wind. An integrated spinnaker launch tube, roller furling jib, and well-constructed sailplan, 7'3" cockpit with non-skid seats, deck and floor make it a good two-handed racing dinghy. Well balanced and easily handled, the Buccaneer continues to appeal to both seasoned competitors and new sailors.

Weighing 500 pounds, the Buccaneer requires a trailer and winch to be launched. A comfortable cockpit arrangement and simple rigging round out the Buccaneer's design, make it a good day sailer for the family.


  • It's a "sit in" rather than a "sit on" boat.
  • The sloop design includes a spinnaker with launch tube.
  • The waterline is as nearly symmetrically heeled as possible, eliminating much of the weather helm caused by heeling.
  • The wide beam at the waterline plane eliminates the need for a trapeze.
  • The boat's potential performance exceeds that of any non-trapeze design so that it is capable of handsomely rewarding the skills of the helmsman and crew.

Portsmouth Comparisons[edit]

Buccaneer 87.0 Y-Flyer 86.9 505 80.2 Finn 90.5 Flying Dutchman 80.2 Laser 91.2 Sonar 81 Santana 20 91.3 J/24 81.1 JY 15 91.6 J-22 82.2 Coronado 15 91.8 Thistle 83 Snipe 92.8 Star 83.2 Lightning 88 M-20 Scow 84.1 MC Scow 89.4 Highlander 84.6 M-16 Scow 89.8 Johnson 18 85.7 Flying Scot 90.4

Portsmouth yardstick explanation

Design History[edit]

Buccaneers under racing conditions
Buccs heading for the mark

The Buccaneer was designed in 1966 and introduced to the sailing world 1967 at Yachting Magazine's "One of a Kind" Regatta, where it placed second behind a Thistle.

Production history[edit]

  • Chrysler Corporation - 1968 through 1980, hull #1 through approx. #4050. (Just over 4000 boats built).
  • Texas Marine International (TMI) - 1981 through 1982, hull approx. #4051 through approx. #4750. (Around 700 boats built).
  • Wellcraft Marine Corporation, Starwind Division - 1982 through 1984, hull approx. #4751 through approx. #5000. (Approx. 250 boats built).
  • Gloucester Yachts - 1985 through 1986, hull #5001 through #5059. (59 boats built).
  • Cardinal Yachts - 1987 through 2003, hull #5060 through #5065, #5100 through #5106 and #5200 through #5215. (29 boats built).*
  • Nickels Boat Works – 2003 through present, hull #5216 onwards. Still under production.

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