Centre Island, Falkland Islands

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Centre Island
Centre Island is located in Falkland Islands
Centre Island
Centre Island
Centre Island shown within the Falkland Islands
Coordinates: 51°25′27″S 58°18′38″W / 51.4243°S 58.3105°W / -51.4243; -58.3105Coordinates: 51°25′27″S 58°18′38″W / 51.4243°S 58.3105°W / -51.4243; -58.3105
Country Falkland Islands
Time zone FKST (UTC−3)
If shown, area and population ranks are for all islands and all inhabited islands in the Falklands respectively.

Centre Island is a small island in Salvador Water, East Falkland, Falkland Islands.

It is a breeding place for seals, including elephant seals, and sea lions.