Chaudhary Muhammad Ali

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Dr. Muhammad Ali (born on July 31, 1957) was the Special Secretary to Chief Minister of the Government of Sindh during 2004-2007.

He belongs to District Lahore in the province of Punjab, Pakistan.


Chaudhary Muhammad Ali acquired his primary school education from Karachi Grammar School, and went on to the United Kingdom for his Higher education. In 1991 he completed his PhD and came back to Pakistan

Political career[edit]

Dr.Muhammad Ali was appointed as 17 Grade Officer in the Federal Government as Assistant director in Agriculture Development Bank of Pakistan in the year 1981. In 2000 Dr. Muhammad Ali got promoted to Grade 20. Later He was inducted in the Sindh government as Principle Secretary to the Chief minister in the year 2004.

In 2007 Dr. Muhammad Ali was selected for the NIPA course and he completed it on the 30 June 2007 in Lahore, which would further help him in getting promoted to grade 21 and becoming the Chief Secretary. Muhammad Ali was then appointed as the Secretary for (Zakat, Usher, Minorites affair, and Religious affair). Later in October 2007 He was made the Secretary for Education and Literacy department Sindh .



  • Associate institute of Cost & Executive Accountants U.K
  • Assiciate institute of financial Accountants U.K
  • Associate Institute of Banking & Finance Australia
  • Member Institute of Management Accounts U.S.A


  • From BS-17 to BS-18 in the year 1986 (MAY)
  • From BS-18 to BS-19 in the year 1993 (JAN)
  • From BS-19 to BS-20 in the year 2000 (MAR)
  • From BS-20 to BS-21 in the year 2008 (MAY)