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Cheese sometimes accompanies other foods such as ham and other cold cuts.

A wide variety of cheeses are made throughout the country of Spain.

Some of the Spanish cheeses are internationally renowned, such as the Manchego cheese of La Mancha. Some regions are better known for their cheeses than others; 23 cheeses are classified as Protected Designation of Origin (D.O.P.—Denominación de Origen Protegida) by Spain and the European Union. Many of the cheeses are manufactured from single types of milk (cow, goat or sheep), but a few are mixtures of different milks, and the milk may be raw, pasteurised or creamy. The cheeses are made in a wide variety of styles including fresh, cured, semi-cured and pressed paste, and some are inoculated with mould to make blue varieties. There is a huge variation in the presentation of cheeses, from the hard, dark-skinned, two-kilo Manchego to the soft, small quesitos.

A list of Spanish cheeses follows, grouped by an alphabetical ordering of geographic regions.[1]




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