Compaq Presario 1700

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The Compaq Presario 1700 is a notebook PC, first manufactured by Compaq in 1999, notable for its Intel processors and 8 MB (8 MiB) Mobility Rage M1 Graphics chip.


    • 500 MHz-700 MHz Intel Celeron
    • 500 MHz-1000 MHz Intel Pentium III with Speedstep,
    • 128-512 SODIMM SDRAM PC100, 2 banks
    • 6.0 GB-40 GB (6 to 40 billion bytes) hard drive
    • 2x USB 1.1
    • 3 hour high-capacity battery
    • 24x CD-ROM / 24x CD-RW / 8x DVD-ROM drive
    • Mobility Rage M1 AGP Graphics Chip with 8 MB Video RAM
    • 14 or 15" XGA Screen
    • 3.2 lb
    • 1.3" depth

The relatively large screen, coupled with thin and light casing, allowed a balance of power and portability; especially given the quoted 3 hour battery life. This made the notebook especially popular with business users.

Mobility Rage M1 AGP[edit]

The inclusion of the ATI Rage M1 Graphics Chip allowed the 1700 to compete closely with high-end notebooks from higher price ranges. This heightened attraction from the business market, as the system could comfortably run high-demand applications with relative ease in a lightweight and portable form.