Dündar Ali Osman

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Dündar Ali Osmanoğlu
دوندار علي عثمان
45th Head of the House of Osman
Term6 January 2017 – present
PredecessorBayezid Osman
Heir presumptiveHarun Osman
BornDündar Ali Osman
(1930-12-30) 30 December 1930 (age 88)
Damascus, Syria
SpouseYüsra Hanım
HouseImperial House of Osman
FatherŞehzade Mehmed Abdülkerim[1]
MotherNimet Hanım

Dündar Ali Osman (Turkish pronunciation: [dynˈdaɾ ˈali ˈosman], Ottoman Turkish: دوندار علي عثمان‎, romanized: Dundār ʿEly ʿOsmān; born 30 December 1930), also known as Dündar Ali Osman Osmanoğlu, with a surname as required by the Republic of Turkey, or known by the Ottoman imperial name as Şehzade (Prince) Dündar Ali Osman Osmanoğlu Efendi, is the 45th Head of the House of Osman, which ruled the Ottoman Empire from 1299 until the abolition of the Sultanate in 1922. Had the Ottoman Empire remained extant in the modern world, he would be titled as Sultan Dündar I, Sultan Ali II or Sultan Osman VI.

Personal life[edit]

Osmanoğlu was born on 30 December 1930 at Damascus in present-day Syria. He is a great-grandson of Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid II. His grandfather was Mehmed Selim and his father was Mehmed Abdülkerim.[2] His only brother, Harun was born in 1932.[3] Osmanoğlu is married to Yüsra Hanım and is childless.[2] She died in July 2017.[4]


In 1974, the Ottoman family was allowed to return to Turkey. However, Osmanoğlu refused to migrate and stayed at Damascus even though most of the family members returned to Istanbul.[3]

The Syrian Civil War broke in 2011 and media reports emerged in 2013 that Osmanoğlu was stranded in Syria. In August 2017, he was evacuated on the order Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the president of Turkey. Osmanoğlu was initially evacuated to Beirut in Lebanon. Later, he moved to Istanbul.[4]


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Dündar Ali Osman
Born: 30 December 1930
Titles in pretence
Preceded by
Bayezid Osman
Sultan of the Ottoman Empire
6 January 2017 – current
Reason for succession failure:
Empire abolished in 1922
Harun Osman