Denise Huxtable

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Denise Huxtable
The Cosby Show / A Different World character
First appearance Pilot
Created by Bill Cosby
Portrayed by Lisa Bonet[1]
Gender Female
Family Cliff Huxtable (father)
Clair Huxtable (mother)
Sondra Huxtable (sister)
Theodore "Theo" Huxtable (Brother)
Vanessa Huxtable (sister)
Rudith "Rudy" Huxtable (sister)
Spouse(s) Martin Kendall[2]
Nationality American

Denise Huxtable is a fictional character from the 1980s television series The Cosby Show and A Different World.[3]

Background and production[edit]

Conception and development[edit]

The character is loosely based upon Cosby's daughter, Erinn, who was approximately the same age as Denise.[4] Additionally, Denise attended Hillman College, whereas Erinn attended Spelman College, the university that Hillman is believed to be modeled after. Lisa Bonet had to leave A Different World after getting pregnant as Bill Cosby did not want a single teenage mother as a character.[5] Bonet returned to The Cosby Show at the beginning of season 6, recently married and with a four-year old stepdaughter.


Denise became one the shows most popular characters.[6][7][8] She became most noted for her fashion sense.[9] Denise Huxtable popularity as a character grew so much she was given her own spin off sitcom called A Different World.[10]


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