Desejos de Mulher

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Desejos de Mulher
Genre Telenovela
Created by Euclydes Marinho
Starring Alessandra Negrini
Glória Pires
Regina Duarte
Herson Capri
Eduardo Moscovis
Drica Moraes
José de Abreu
Mel Lisboa
José Wilker
Renata Sorrah
Cássio Gabus Mendes
Opening theme "Façamos"
Composer(s) Chico Buarque and Elza Soares[1][2]
Country of origin Brazil
Original language(s) Portuguese
No. of episodes 185
Running time 50 minutes
Original network Rede Globo
Original release January 21 – August 24, 2002
Preceded by As Filhas da Mãe
Followed by O Beijo do Vampiro
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Desejos de Mulher is a Brazilian telenovela that was produced and aired by TV Globo from January 21, 2002 to August 24, 2002, totaling 185 chapters, substituting As Filhas da Mãe[3][4] and preceding O Beijo do Vampiro.

Presented Regina Duarte, Glória Pires, Eduardo Moscovis, Herson Capri, Alessandra Negrini and José de Abreu as the main characters of the plot.


On the night of another award in his brilliant career, the stylist Andréa Vargas discovers, through his sister, Júlia Moreno, who is not legitimate daughter of Attilio and Mercedes. Andréa and Júlia live at loggerheads since adolescence when Júlia was responsible for separating sister of his first love, Diogo Valente. The boy disappeared in life, misunderstood by Andréa, and many years later is back, ready to regain his love.

Now, Andréa is a professional famous in the fashion world, married to Bruno, who runs his business.[5] Despite the large thud to have spent my whole life without knowing his real mother, Andréa hardly expect the worst is yet to come Bruno has an affair with Selma Dumont, his right arm in the studio, and the two plan to get hold of all your assets and brand "Ándrea Vargas". In reality most interested in the demoralization of Selma Andréa is that besides the husband and money, plans to steal everything that Andrea has, including his name. Jealousy and envy sick of Selma has a reason: it's your sister, daughter of Isaura, a mother who never met Andréa.[6]

While the dramas of Andrea accumulate, Júlia lives a quiet life in his turnaround. Her husband, Renato, is unjustly imprisoned.[5] In the struggle to clear him, and his entire family, is the reporter Chico Maia, Renato stuck with this mess, and with whom Julia gets involved.

And there is still the core of Ariel, gay journalist who lives a comical relationship with Thaddeus and still leads a house where the last thing that happens is quiet: Paty's daughter, her friend Bárbara and her godson Nicolau. And the life of Ariel still suffers a reversal when he turns the target's passion Virgínia who does everything to win it and eventually go live in the mansion, taking in tow the clever Bill.[7]


Actor Character
Regina Duarte Andréia Vargas[4][5][6][8]
Glória Pires Júlia Moreno[4][5][9]
Alessandra Negrini Selma Dumont (Selminha/Karen)[5][6][9]
Herson Capri Diogo Valente[9]
Eduardo Moscovis Francisco "Chico" Maia[9]
José de Abreu Bruno Vargas[5][9]
Drica Moraes Gilda[10]
Cássio Gabus Mendes Renato Moreno[5][9]
Mel Lisboa Gabriela Diniz[9][11]
Regiane Alves Letícia Miranda Moreno[12]
Vera Holtz Bárbara Toledo[9]
Hugo Carvana Atílio Miranda[9]
Sílvia Pfeifer Virgínia[13]
Evandro Mesquita Bill
Walderez de Barros Judite Moreno
Nelson Dantas Ubaldo Moreno
Rosi Campos Marlene Motta[14]
Otávio Müller Tadeu Borges[7][9]
Betty Gofman Nair
Tonico Pereira Kléber
Miriam Pires Isaura
Chris Couto Sophie[9]
Alice Borges Frida
Mariana Lima Antônia Donaggio
Fernando Alves Pinto Sandro
Cassiano Carneiro Hélio Roque
João Camargo Afrânio
Pedro Brício Juca
David Herman Mr. David
Cristina Amadeo Meire
Vanessa Gerbelli Gongon (Gonçala)[15]
Stepan Nercessian Apolinário[16]
Thereza Piffer Euzeni
Bernardo Marinho Bernardo Miranda Moreno
Bruno Bezerra Pirulito
Sérgio Rufino Cristiano
Aline Aguiar Camila
Juliana Didone Tati[17]
Nathália Rodrigues Patrícia "Paty" Vonnegut Britz[18]
Joana Motta Olívia
Rocco Pitanga Joaquim[19]
Rodrigo Hilbert Pablo[20][21][22]
Daniel Del Sarto Nicolau Toledo Valente
Luiza Mariani Xana
Marcelo Laham Vavá
José Wilker Ariel Britz[7][23]
Renata Sorrah Rachel Vonnegut[23]


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