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Cheias de Charme (Sparkling Girls) is a Brazilian telenovela produced and broadcast by Rede Globo. It premiered on April 16, 2012 and run for 143 episodes, with the finale airing on September 28, 2012.


The plot tells the story of three maids - Maria da Penha, Maria Aparecida (Cida) and Maria do Rosario who, by luck or talent, will change your destiny. Penha is a 34-year-old woman, hardworking, who raised her siblings Alana and Elano, after their parents abandoned them. Penha is wife of Sandro, a trickster who does not want to work and is addicted to football. Penha and Sandro has a son, little Patrick. Penha works as a maid in the house of the singer Chayene, a diva eletroforró tecnobrega and bitter that a bad phase, this she attributes to a nonexistent overweight. Chayene is an evil woman who mistreats all her employees. One day Chayene physically assaults Penha, after she accidentally burned her dress. Penha goes to the police station to report the employer.

Rosario is a cook, who dreams of being a singer and is passionate about singer Fabian. She finally gets to go to one of his show, but gets into tremendous trouble. The singer's bodyguards catch her and take her to the police station. Rosario knows Ignacio, a simple man, who looks exactly like Fabian, and therefore hates him. Ignacio suffers from being confused with the singer by his crazy fans. Rosary falls for him. But Ignacio just want to have a family, and doesn't endorse Rosario's dream of being a singer.

Cida is a 19-year-old girl who lives with her godmother, Valda, in the her employer's house, Sonia, a rich woman rich married to Ernani. She has two daughters: Ariela and Isadora. Cida's mother, Dolores, was Sonia's maid, before she died. Cida and her godmother work as domestic servants and are very mistreated by employers. Cida catches her boyfriend, Rodinei, with another woman in a nightclub and gets into trouble. She is also taken to the police station.

Penha, Cida and Rosario end up in jail for contempt. They meet in jail and sympathize with each other. The three maids make a pact: "Employee by day, lady by night." Rosario will work in Chayene's house instead of Penha. Penha in turn, will work for Lygia, a good hearted lawyer. Cida fall for Conrado Werneck, a rich man without character, who doesn't know she is an employee. Isadora arrives from travelling, and Conrado discovers the entire truth. Isadora is bad and envious and plans to separate Cida from Conrad and stay with him, which proves successful as Conrad and Isadora later get married. Despite his love for Cida, Conrad marries Isadora only to please his father,Otto. Cida suffers greatly at the hands of employers, especially with Sonia and Isadora, who humiliate her constantly. Mother and daughter are the villains of her story. Ariela is the eldest daughter of Sonia and being overweight tries several crazy diets. Ariela is engaged to Humberto, and is somewhat snobbish and thus a comical villain.

One day, Rosario called Penha and Cida to Chayene's house, while her employer is outside. The three decide to have fun and with the help of Kleiton, create a song "Vida de Empreguete." There, the video clip is shot, with the girls using Chayene's clothes. The clip is a success and they decided to form a band, "Empreguetes." They write new songs like "Marias Brasileiras", "Forro das Curicas" among others. The Empreguetes start being more and more successful, which excites the entrepreneur Tom Bastos and Fabian, who want at all costs to separate Rosario and Ignatius. The success of Empreguetes also arouses the envy of Chayene, who with the help of her maid, Socorro, is obsessed with the singers and will make all the she can to harm the trio.

As the trio becomes more and more famous, Chayene becomes less famouss and always lands into trouble but with the help of Larcio, her assistant, she always find a way out. Her unsuccessfulnessdisue to the harm that she tries to inflict on them.

After Penha, Rosario and Cida become popular, surprising events begin to occur.

Valda reveals to Ernani Sarmento that Cida is his daughter after he becomes broke when his company collapses due to Conrad's mallice. When Cida finds out about this, she is in pain at first but, later rejoices over it. She moves in with the broke Sarmento's while her apartment is being renovated. During one night, Cida encounters Conrad on her way to the kitchen and Conrad kisses her. Unfortunately, Isadora catches them and is dismayed. Conrad leaves the house immediately but before he does, he acknowledges that he is still in love with Cida. Isadora becomes furious and gets revenge by tearing all of Cida's clothes and steals her credit card and goes shopping with her mother. When Cida finds out that her card was stolen, she wants to put them behind bars but Ernani doesn't let her do so. She instead turns Isadora and Sonia into maids.

She brings in changes and this includes letting her godmother, Valda, be treated as a guest. Her move into the Sarmento house brings much dismay to Olano, who is in love with Cida and thinks that she moves there to be with Conrad.


Taís Araújo as Penha Fragoso.
Leandra Leal as Rosário Monteiro.
Cláudia Abreu as Chayene.
Juliana Alves as Dinha.
Actor Role
Taís Araújo Maria da Penha Fragoso Barbosa
Leandra Leal Maria do Rosário Monteiro
Isabelle Drummond Maria Aparecida "Cida" dos Santos Fragoso
Cláudia Abreu Chayene (Jociléia Imbuzeiro Migon/Chay)
Ricardo Tozzi Inácio Paixão
Fabian Brunini
Titina Medeiros Maria do Perpétuo Socorro Cordeiro de Jesus (Socorro)
Marcos Palmeira Sandro Barbosa
Jonatas Faro Conrado Tilman Amaro Werneck
Malu Galli Lygia Mariz Ortega
Humberto Carrão Elano Fragoso
Bruno Mazzeo Tom Bastos
Tato Gabus Mendes Ernani Sarmento
Alexandra Richter Sônia Sarmento
Simone Gutierrez Ariela Sarmento Jordão
Giselle Batista Isadora Sarmento
Marcos Pasquim Gilson
Aracy Balabanian Máslova Tilman
Jayme Matarazzo Rodinei Maximiliano de Lima
Tainá Müller Liara Mariz
Leopoldo Pacheco Otto Amaro Werneck
Juliana Alves Dinha
Chandelly Braz Brunessa do Anjos
Luiz Henrique Nogueira Laércio
Daniel Dantas Sidney Monteiro
Miguel Roncato Samuel Mariz
Fábio Lago Rivonaldo "Naldo" José Cordeiro de Jesus
Christiana Kalache Ivone dos Anjos
Rodrigo Pandolfo Humberto Jordão
Mônica Torres Branca Plastino
Ilva Niño Epifânia
Fabio Neppo Kleiton Lopes
Lidi Lisboa Gracinha
Dhu Moraes Valda
Pablo Bellini Alejandro Ortega
Analu Prestes Tia Romana
Gustavo Gasparani Gentil Soares
Sérgio Malheiros Niltinho
Maria Pompeu Voleide
Edney Giovenazzi Messias
Aramis Trindade Valmir
Sérgio Menezes Heraldo
Millene Ramalho Ticiane
Rafaela Amado Marisette
Cláudio Tovar Seu Malaquias
Nicolas Paixão Patrick Fragoso Barbosa
Sylvia Nazareth Alana Fragoso
Alexandre David Zaqueu
Breno Nina Wanderley
Nado Grimberg Ruço
Bia Petrentchuk Manuela Mariz Ortega
Dayenne Mesquita Stella
Lady Francisco Madame Kastrup
Maria Helena Chira Dália

Original Music[edit]

  • Vida de Empreguete (Life of Empreguete) - Played by Empreguetes
  • Marias Brasileiras (Brazilian Marias) - Played by Empreguetes
  • Forro das Curicas - Played by Empreguetes
  • Nosso Brilho (Our Glow) - Played by Empreguetes
  • Voa, Voa Brabuleta (Fly, Fly Brutterfly) - Played by Chayene
  • Vida de Patroete (Life Of Patroete) - Played by Chayene
  • Se Você Me Der (If You Give Me) - Played by Fabian


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