Dracula – Entre l'amour et la mort

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Entre l'amour et la mort
Music Simon Leclerc
Lyrics Roger Tabra

Bruno Pelletier

Richard Ouzounian
Productions 2006 Quebec
Not to be confused with 2011 French production by Kamel Ouali called Dracula – L'amour plus fort que la mort

Dracula – Entre l'amour et la mort (Dracula: Between Love and Death) is a Québécois musical created by Bruno Pelletier. Lyrics are written by Roger Tabra; music is by Simon Leclerc; the original concept is credited to Bruno Pelletier and Richard Ouzounian.

The musical ran in Quebec from January 13, 2006, to December 16, 2006.

The album from the musical contains 14 tracks.

Music videos were made for both the track 'Nous sommes ce que nous sommes' and 'Étranges étrangers'.

In January 2008, Dracula's cast performed the musical at the Maison de la danse, in Lyon, France with Cassiopée replacing Rita Tabbakh, Julie Dassylva replacing Elyzabeth Diaga, and Matt Laurent replacing Daniel Boucher.

The DVD of the musical was released on March 4, 2008.


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