Perfect Selection: Dracula Battle

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Perfect Selection: Dracula Battle
Perfect Selection Dracula Battle.jpg
Soundtrack album by Naoto Shibata PROJECT
Released July 21, 1994 (1994-07-21)
Genre Heavy metal ; Power metal (instrumental)
Length 43:40
Label King Records
Producer Naoto Shibata
Naoto Shibata PROJECT chronology
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Perfect Selection: Dracula Battle
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Perfect Selection: Dracula Battle (Japanese パーフェクトセレクション ドラキュラ・バトル) is an album arranged by Naoto Shibata (Anthem) and performed by 柴田直人プロジェクト (Naoto Shibata PROJECT), a group of musicians he put together. This album features heavy metal renditions of several classic Akumajō Dracula (Castlevania) themes. It was released in Japan on July 21, 1994. The catalogue code for this album is KICA-1145.[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Beginning" (from Akumajō Densetsu)
  2. "Bloody Tears" (from Dracula II: Noroi no Fūin)
  3. "Ripe Seeds" (from Dracula Densetsu II)
  4. "Cross a Fear" (from Akumajō Dracula X)
  5. "Requiem for the Nameless Victims" (from Vampire Killer)
  6. "Op.13" (from Akumajō Dracula X)
  7. "Vampire Killer" (from Akumajō Dracula)
  8. "Calling from Heaven" (from Vampire Killer)
  9. "聖者の行進" [Seija no Koushin] (from Akumajō Dracula X)
  10. "夜まで待てない" [Yoru Made Matenai] (from Akumajō Dracula -AC-)

Line up[edit]

  1. Naoto Shibata: all arrangement, bass guitar
  2. Masanori Kusakabe: guitar
  3. Akio Shimizu: guitar
  4. Yusuke Takahama: synthesizer
  5. ジェフ藤本: synthesizer


See also : Perfect Selection: Dracula Battle II

  • "Seija no Koushin" roughly translates as "March of a Saint".
  • "Yoru Made Matenai" roughly translates as "Don't Wait until Nighttime".
  • It seems that an error occurred in writing the names of the tracks on the album, as the name of the sixth track, "Op.13", is incorrect: the melody actually corresponds to the theme called "Slash", from the same game (Castlevania Rondo of Blood).


  • KONAMI KuKeiHa CLUB (Composition)
  • Naoto Shibata (Arrangement)
  • Naoto Shibata PROJECT (Music Performance)


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