Dubai Towers Dubai

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Dubai Towers Dubai
دبي تاورز دبي
Dubai Towers Dubai model.jpg
Rendering of the Complex
General information
Status Never built
Type Mixed use
Coordinates 25°11′37.30″N 55°21′46.68″E / 25.1936944°N 55.3629667°E / 25.1936944; 55.3629667Coordinates: 25°11′37.30″N 55°21′46.68″E / 25.1936944°N 55.3629667°E / 25.1936944; 55.3629667
Construction started 21 June 2008[1]
Estimated completion To Be Announced
Opening Postponed
Height Tower 1: 400 m (1,300 ft)
Tower 2 and 3: 300 m (980 ft)
Tower 4: 230 m (750 ft)
Technical details
Floor count Tower 1: 94
Tower 2 and 3: 73
Tower 4: 57
Design and construction
Architect tvsdesign
Developer Sama Dubai

Dubai Towers Dubai was a four tower complex on hold in the city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The developer, Sama Dubai, intended this to form the centrepiece of The Lagoons, a megaproject located on Dubai Creek which was to consist of seven islands. The towers have between 57 and 94 stories[2] and although the heights are not known, it is believed the tallest would top 400 metres (1,310 ft) while two others would rise beyond 300 metres (980 ft)[citation needed] and the fourth tower will rise at 230 m (750 ft). Sama ECH was the Project Management company in charge of the project. Due to downturn in Dubai, the project was cancelled.[3] As the Complex were not built, The Tower was proposed, It will surpass Burj Khalifa upon its completion. Its construction began in 2016, estimated to be completed in 2020.


Designed by tvsdesign, these towers were intended to create a dramatic new landmark for Dubai. Their design represents the movement of candlelight and according to Thompson, Ventulett, Stainback & Associates, this is supposed to symbolise hope, harmony, growth and opportunity.[4]

Construction status[edit]

The Dubai Towers Dubai, like the rest of The Lagoons, is currently on hold.

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