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Spouse(s) Jayadratha
Children Suratha
Parent(s) Gandhari and Dhritarashtra, ex utero

Duhsala (also written as Dushala, Dussala etc.) was King Dhritrashtra and Queen Gandhari's daughter and sister to Kauravas in the Indian epic Mahābhārata. She was married to Jayadratha the king of Sindhu and Sauvira.

Birth and Early Life[edit]

When Queen Gandhari was afforded, by Vyasa, the opportunity to have one hundred sons, Gandhari was thrilled, but secretly a little disappointed that she wouldn't have at least one daughter. Sensing her thoughts, Vyasa had another vessel prepared for a future daughter:Dushala. Hence, Dushala was the only daughter of King Dhritrashtra and Gandhari, the sister to her 101 brothers. All the Pandavas considered Duhsala as their own sister; Dushala also always considered Pandavas as her own brothers.[citation needed] Dussala grew up in Hastinapura under the wise tutelage of Bhishma.


A victim of circumstances, Dushala was married to Jayadratha, the powerful king of Sindhu; the king happened to be a man of split personality, often becoming uncivil. However, Jayadratha was a good friend of Duryodhana, Dushala's oldest brother. Dussala and Jayadratha had a son named Suratha. Jayadratha is first introduced during the Pandavas' 13-year-exile when he attempts to abduct Draupadi. His attempt his foiled, and the Pandavas humiliate him before letting him go. Vengeful, Jayadratha immediately withdraws to the forest, performing penance which gives him boons he can use against the Pandavas. When Dussala finds him, she is ashamed and angry at his irresponsible behaviour. However she becomes quiet after knowing about his penance; husband and wife make up.

Jayadratha calls his banners for Duryodhana during the Kurukshetra War. He is slain by Arjuna. The young Suratha takes up the Sindhu crown with Dushala as his regent.

After the war[edit]

After the war, Yudhishtira, the new king of Hastinapura, takes out an Ashwamedha Yagna, wherein Arjuna follows a sacrificial horse with his army, daring others to challenge him. The horse enters the Sindhu territory. Suratha dies of fright on being informed about the approaching army. Arjuna lays siege upon their city.

Suratha had a small boy, Dussala's grandson. Dussala takes the boy to Arjuna and requests mercy, fearing Arjuna will mow them down due to the traditional enmity between the Pandavas and Kauravas . When Arjuna learns that he is responsible for the death of his nephew, he feels totally shattered, telling Dussala that he had come for peace. Dussala becomes shattered in turn; she famously tells Arjuna "We need peace. Let us end this strife forever. No more, never, this war." Arjuna appoints the boy as the next king of the Sindhu kingdom. Collecting his tribute, he leaves.

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