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Vrishasena was the eldest son of Karna and Vrishali.[1] With his father, he entered battle field on the 11th day of Kurukshetra war and fought for Kauravas. He was killed by Arjuna.

Kurukshetra War[edit]

During the Kurukshetra war, Karna did not take part for the first ten days due to the dispute he had with Bhishma. Only when Bhishma fell on the tenth day, Karna and his son Vrishasena joined the Kauravas to fight against the Pandavas on the eleventh day in the Kurukshetra war. Vrishasena defeated Upapandavas and Nakula on the seventeenth day of the battle.[2]. Karna was earlier involved in the killing of an unarmed Abhimanyu on the fourteenth day of the battle. First, Karna broke Abhimanyu's bow from behind, since it was impossible to face an armed Abhimanyu and then finally Dussashana's son killed an unarmed Abhimanyu with his mace by hitting him on his head.[3]. Arjuna gave the challenge to Karna to save his son and attacked Vrishasena fiercely and fired four razor headed arrows, cutting off Vrishasena's bow, his two arms and then his head infront of Karna who failed to protect his son. Arjuna killed Vrishasena without violating Dharma but Karna violated Dharma in killing Abhimanyu.


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