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Duncanville Title Card.jpg
GenreAnimated sitcom
Created by
Voices of
Music byJohn Frizzell
Opening theme"I'm Better" by IRONTOM
Country of originUnited States
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes11
Executive producers
  • Mike Scully
  • Julie Thacker Scully
  • Amy Poehler
  • Dave Becky
  • Jordan Grief
  • Seungyong Ji
EditorsJonathan Polk
Nina Helene Hirten
Running time22 minutes
Production companies
Original networkFox
Original releaseFebruary 16, 2020 (2020-02-16) –
present (present)
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Duncanville is an American adult animated sitcom co-created by Amy Poehler, Mike Scully, and Julie Scully for the Fox Broadcasting Company. The series features the voices of Poehler, Ty Burrell, Riki Lindhome, Zach Cherry, Yassir Lester, Betsy Sodaro, Rashida Jones, Joy Osmanski, and Wiz Khalifa. The series premiered on February 16, 2020.[1][2] In April 2020, Fox renewed the series for a second season.[3]


Duncanville centers on the life of Duncan Harris, an average 15-year-old boy, who is always one step away from making a bad decision. Along with Duncan lives his mom, a parking enforcement officer, who dreams of being a detective someday and always has to watch Duncan; his dad, who tries to be a better father figure to Duncan than his father was to him; his sister Kimberly, who is a normal teenager going through normal teen-phases; and his other adopted Asian sister Jing, who is an intelligent 5-year-old who is always giving Duncan advice. Mia is Duncan's on-and-off crush.[4][5]



  • Amy Poehler as
    • Duncan, an average teen who is average in every way who has a dream world where he is everything. He has a crush on Mia and refers to his best friends for advice and help.
    • Annie, mother to Duncan, Kimberly, and Jing, and Jack's wife who is a meter maid that strives to be a detective.
    • Leslie Knope, who will have a brief cameo in an upcoming episode.
  • Ty Burrell as Jack, the rock-obsessed plumber dad who tries to be a better father than his father had been.
  • Riki Lindhome as Kimberly, Duncan's angsty, awkward 12-year-old sister with a midriff dress who struggles to be popular but fails and is bullied and as such, bullies Duncan in return. She's in middle school.[6]
  • Zach Cherry as Wolf, Duncan's monotonous friend and the object of Kimberly's affection. He has issues at home and acts aloof and disinterested in things.
  • Yassir Lester as Yangzi, Duncan's friend who supports various brands on Twitter and thus gets a lot of free stuff from these brands. He is also a trendsetter.
  • Betsy Sodaro as Bex, Duncan's tomboy friend who is seen as one of the boys. She later rebuffs this and says how could she be a boy when she has boobs. Bex is physically based on Sodaro.
  • Rashida Jones as Mia Abara (season 2; recurring season 1),[7] Duncan's friend and secret crush who is very liberal and likes hanging out with Duncan and his friends.
  • Joy Osmanski as Jing (season 2; recurring season 1),[7] Duncan and Kimberly's adopted five-year-old Asian little sister who has an open crush on Duncan.
  • Wiz Khalifa as Mr. Mitch (season 2; recurring season 1),[7] the relatable, immature but rather likeable, teacher who teaches Duncan, Yangzi, Mia, Wolf, and Bex.



No.TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
U.S. viewers
1"Pilot"Anne Walker FarrellTeleplay by : Mike Scully & Julie Thacker Scully
Story by : Amy Poehler & Julie Thacker Scully & Mike Scully
February 16, 2020 (2020-02-16)1LAZ011.52[8]
Duncan Harris is an awkward teen who fantasizes about being a man. He is pressured by his parents to take up driving, but refuses because he does not think it is necessary and because his father, Jack, will not stop panicking when he drives. Duncan suddenly takes up an interest in driving to impress his friend and secret crush, Mia. While his mother, Annie, is happy at first, she becomes concerned when she realizes it is for a girl and bans him from going to an electronic music festival when his friends invite him. He sneaks out and they have the time of their lives. However, when driving home, Duncan accidentally knocks down Ol' Oakie, the city's oldest tree. His family finds out the next day and they refuse to speak to him. Duncan gets with his friends and they save a section of the tree stump that Annie and Jack carved their names into when they were younger. The family forgives him, but they are all forced to live in their car as their house gets taken over by the cicadas living in the stump.
2"Red Head Redemption"Jake HollanderJulie Thacker ScullyFebruary 23, 2020 (2020-02-23)1LAZ041.43[9]
Annie demands that Jack clean out the garage of all his concert memorabilia, but finds that he is unable to do so due to sentimental value. While playing an MMORPG with his friends, Duncan has his younger sister Kimberly fill in for him briefly. When he returns, she proves to a better player than him. Duncan's friends find out and have Kimberly replace him. Feeling low, Duncan turns to a rival team, the Stay at Gnome Dads, and asks to join them for an upcoming tournament. To get back at Kimberly, Duncan discovers a shrine in Kimberly's room revealing that she has a crush on his friend Wolf. Jack attempts to throw out Annie's stuff as payback, but when their adopted youngest Jing decides to toss her things away, Jack and Annie give up on their feud and head to the tournament. Duncan's team plays his trump card, but upon seeing his parents arrive, Duncan and Kimberly give up on their feud with Duncan telling everyone that the shrine is his. Duncan's friends win and apologize for abandoning him.
3"Undacuva Mutha"Chuck SheetzAnthony Gioe & Nick MandernachMarch 1, 2020 (2020-03-01)1LAZ021.21[10]
Annie is excited for Quota Day as she fills in her parking ticket quota in the hopes of becoming a detective one day. Duncan, Bex, and Wolf go to get their Air Jordans, only to be informed by Yangzi that they were cheated and got fakes instead. Meanwhile, Jack tries to prove he is a cool dad and has Kimberly and Jing skip school. They get home and make a "fren-cheese-y" for lunch. The following day, the three get ill and the girls blame Jack. Annie discovers a dead body, but the detectives kick her off the investigation. After hearing of Duncan's problem, she takes him around town to look for clues. They discover a white van from the docks, but their car gets chopped. As everyone solemnly waits at home, Duncan spots the van and convinces the family to chase it. It turns out that the van belongs to Duncan's teacher Mr. Mitch who has been creating fake pop up stores so that his students can pay for the school's funds for things like Hamilton. The girls forgive Jack and Annie decides to let Mr. Mitch off the hook at the insistence of Duncan.
4"Witch Day"Anne Walker FarrellAva Tramer & Eddie QuintanaMarch 8, 2020 (2020-03-08)1LAZ051.09[11]
It is Witch Day and the whole town is celebrating. Jack and Annie discover that their neighbor, Mrs. Martin, has died and steal her chili recipe with the help of Jing; having won the past ten years. Mia finds the holiday offensive as it involves burning a papier-mâché witch in celebration of Oak Dale's terrible historic past. Duncan at first pays no mind, but when he is elected the new town virgin for the holiday (the previous virgin got pregnant), he and his friends decide to steal the witch. Bex, who was a distraction, lets slip that Duncan and his friends are the culprits and drag them back for the burning. Duncan threatens everyone by reading their darkest secrets, which were to be burned with the witch, and everyone lays off. Mia admits that she likes the festivities, but that everyone should be more aware of the history. Annie, having realized what she is doing to her son, apologizes for putting his name up as a virgin and she and Jack win the chili cook off. Kimberly awaits for a boy that she likes, but accidentally scares him away.
"The Hand That Rocks the Company"
Adam HenryJohn VienerMarch 15, 2020 (2020-03-15)1LAZ031.17[12]
The Harrises' refrigerator finally breaks down after years of use and they head to the store to buy a new one. They are greeted by Janine who presents them with a smart fridge from ConVee. The Harrises are happy with the fridge, which they name Fridgy, as it can perform all of their tasks and chores giving them ample time to do the things they have always wanted to do. However, Annie is shocked when she realizes that Fridgy keeps a tab on many of her personal things, such as having sex with Jack on the kitchen floor, and finds herself left out of the family's personal time. When she confronts Fridgy about it, it locks the Harrises in the house. They escape, but are taken to the ConVee headquarters where Janine wants them to be the family of the future. Annie gives a speech about making an effort and the family agree with her. Janine threatens to kill them, but the Harrises have the appliances fight one another and they escape the exploding base. The family dig up their old busted refrigerator and "enjoy" their family time together.
6"Sister, Wife"Chuck SheetzTeleplay by : Andrew Lee
Story by : Julie Thacker Scully & Amy Poehler
March 22, 2020 (2020-03-22)1LAZ061.07[13]
Jack and Annie decide to spend their anniversary by shopping at the home improvement store and take Kimberly with them, though they continuously fail to remember that she is with them. Duncan and Jing play at home, but when the latter decides to "get married", Duncan finds himself going through with it, complete with Bex serving as the minister. The kids tell Jack and Annie that they are boring and they decide to prove them wrong by going out. After many failed excursions, they end up at an 80's themed bar that has the real ALF, but Annie gets mad at Jack when he refuses to punch a guy that was hitting on her. Meanwhile, Jing and Duncan go through the woes of marriage with the former taking it way too seriously and Kimberly tries to seek attention. Eventually, Kimberly tells everyone to get over their relationship issues. Duncan forgives Jing and she apologizes for forcing marriage on him as she is too young. Jack and Annie go back to the bar with the former getting into a fight and afterwards, the two have sex in their car.
7"Jack's Pipe Dream"Adam HenryTeleplay by : Julie Thacker Scully & Mike Scully
Story by : John Viener
April 19, 2020 (2020-04-19)1LAZ071.11[14]
Jack discovers that his plumbing appointments have cancelled in favor of getting help from an attractive Aussie plumber named Bobby Bastille. Feeling he cannot compete, his family convince him to find a new avenue in life. Jack reveals that he has been writing a rock opera called Rommy, which clearly takes cues from Tommy, and convinces his family to perform in it, despite its clearly awful inception and development. Duncan and Kimberly are initially disgusted with their roles (playing the lead and pregnant girlfriend), but after telling their friends about it, who actually seem intrigued by it, they decide to go through with the musical. Annie gets rid of the flyers by dumping them in the sewers, but it causes the town to flood. The townspeople rush to the theater while Rommy is on and Jack is asked to fix the town's plumbing. Bobby is revealed to not actually be a real plumber and he fills in for Jack in the last number. The play ends up being a huge success and the town is saved with Jack deciding to return to his old job. Bobby ends up going to Hollywood.
8"Judge Annie"Jake HollanderTeleplay by : Anthony Gioe & Nick Mandernach
Story by : Julie Thacker Scully
April 26, 2020 (2020-04-26)1LAZ080.98[15]
On the hottest day in Oakdale, Jack and Annie remember that they used to go to a swimming hole in their youth and take the kids there. They end up enjoying their time together, but on the way home, Annie sees an illegally parked vehicle and discovers that it belongs to a rich white man named Neil LaDouche. LaDouche contests his ticket, but Annie manages to get him to pay up. Mayor Jen, seeing Annie's argument, decides to make her the lead in a public access series called Judge Annie with Jack as her bailiff. Duncan and Kimberly bring their friends to the hole and have a good time. When they revisit the next day, they discover that LaDouche has bought the land. They bring the case to Annie, but she is powerless to do anything. The kids all skinny dip in protest against LaDouche. However, the Squirrel Man, a supposed mythical legend, appears and reveals that he has squatted in the land for 50 years and thus owns the property. LaDouche is kicked out, the kids enjoy the hole, and the Squirrel Man says Annie stopped being a judge.
9"Free Range Children"Anne Walker FarrellTeleplay by : Mike Scully & John Viener
Story by : Amy Poehler & Julie Thacker Scully
May 3, 2020 (2020-05-03)1LAZ090.95[16]
Jack and Annie leave the kids in charge while they go see Bruce Springsteen, only to turn back around when the house catches fire. Annoyed that the kids cannot take care of themselves, Bradley, their psychology expert toddler neighbor, suggests that they try free range parenting. The kids have trouble grasping to make simple decisions, but after a week's worth of free range parenting, Duncan and Kimberly begin to feel confidant enough to go out on their own. Meanwhile, Jing is annoyed that she is still viewed as a child by Jack and Annie. While trying to get lettuce, Duncan and Kimberly end up on a truck bound for Mexico and call their parents who rush to the airport, only to be detained, but are later rescued by a mature Jing. Duncan and Kimberly meet notorious drug dealer El Espantoso who they befriend after using what Jack and Annie taught them. He takes them back home and tells Jack and Annie that they should cherish their children's youth. He is gunned down for being on American soil and Annie accidentally eats some of his cocaine.
10"Wolf Mother"Adam Henry & Will StrodeTeleplay by : Henry Gammill & Mike Scully
Story by : Rebecca Hoobler & Eddie Quintana
May 10, 2020 (2020-05-10)1LAZ110.86[17]
For Mother's Day, the Harris family take Annie to a paintball game, greatly disappointing her. While returning home without her family, Annie spots Wolf living on the streets, and decides to adopt him, molding him into the perfect son. Everyone, with the exception of Kimberly, does not like Wolf's company. Realizing he made a mistake, Jack takes Kimberly to look for a special flower that Annie always adored called the Fiordaliso. They go to the mountains to get it, but get stuck in a cliff. Annie turns Wolf into a clean person who begins to mimic some of her mannerisms. Duncan and Jing eventually deduce that Annie simply wants to get an award at their church for her Good Samaritan work. They learn of Jack and Kimberly's predicament and head to the mountains to rescue them. Annie admits that she made a mistake taming Wolf and they change him back to his old ways to rescue Jack and Kimberly. The family apologize for not appreciating Annie and they take her to her favorite restaurant where she shoots them with a paintball gun.
11"Classless President"Chuck SheetzTeleplay by : Andrew Lee & Eddie Quintana
Story by : Sara Scully
May 17, 2020 (2020-05-17)1LAZ101.21[18]
Mia is running for class president, but is disappointed that no one is running against her. She convinces Duncan to run where, to her astonishment, he takes to it easily when he promises everyone whatever they want at the school. He ends up winning; effectively taking the school over with a bunch of ridiculous promises and rules due to an old treaty. Meanwhile, Kimberly must sell cookies for her school in the hopes that she can hang out with the mean girls. She feigns failure to Jack and Annie who, along with Jing, sell all of her cookies. They discover Kimberly's ruse and get back at her, by convincing her that the cookies were poisoned; forcing her to recollect them all. Eventually, Duncan realizes the pressure of being class president, but cannot resist the urge to invite internet stars, the Fabulous Flossing Bears to the school. Mia convinces everyone that things need to go back to normal and qualms the bears when they go on a rampage. Duncan apologizes for ignoring Mia's warnings and she forgives him by agreeing to eat nachos with him.


On August 17, 2017, it was reported that Fox had ordered a script and pilot presentation for an animated comedy developed by Amy Poehler and written by Poehler, Mike Scully, and Julie Scully.[4][19]

On October 26, 2018, it was announced that the network had ordered a 13-episode series, with featured voices Poehler, Rashida Jones, and Wiz Khalifa.[1][20][21] On May 8, 2019, Ty Burrell was announced as a series regular,[22] and on June 6, 2019, Riki Lindhome was announced as a regular.[23]

The series is executive produced by Poehler through Paper Kite Productions, the Scullys through Scully Productions, and Dave Becky through 3 Arts Entertainment. Production companies also involved with the series include Bento Box Entertainment, Universal Television, Fox Entertainment, and 20th Television.[23][24]

In April 2020, the series joined the rest of Fox's Animation Domination lineup in a partnership with Caffeine for the AniDom Beyond Show, a recap series hosted by Andy Richter. The hour-long program featured interviews with guests and live interactivity with fans online, with recaps for the episodes that aired through April and May.[25] The Duncanville episode aired on April 16, 2020 featuring Mike Scully and his wife Julie Thacker Scully. On May 18, 2020, John Viener joined the series with other writers from the Fox Animation Domination lineup.

On April 6, 2020, the series was renewed for a second season, scheduled for a 2021–22 television season release.[3][26] On July 16, 2020, Jones, Osmanski, and Khalifa were promoted to series regulars for the second season.[7]

International release[edit]

The series is available to stream on Hulu, and for purchase on YouTube and iTunes.[27]

In Canada, the series airs on CityTV,[28] airing new episodes in simulcast with Fox.

On November 24, 2019, NBCUniversal Television Distribution announced the series was picked up for broadcast in Australia on the Nine Network for a June 4, 2020 debut on 9Go!.[29] On January 14, 2020, NBCUniversal Television announced the series was picked up for broadcast in the United Kingdom on Channel 4 & E4 for a March 27, 2020 debut till April 17. The series resumed on November 13th & will end the first season run on November 27th. [30][31]

The series had debuted in Latin America on Fox Channel on August 30, 2020.[32]


Critical response[edit]

On Rotten Tomatoes, the series has an approval rating of 89% based on 9 reviews, with an average rating of 6.33/10.[33] On Metacritic, it has a weighted average score of 64 out of 100 based on 6 reviews, indicating "generally favorable reviews".[34] IndieWire gave the show's first two episodes a B– grade, stating Duncanville needs more time to find out what it wants to be.[35] Sulgana Misra of The A.V. Club gave "Pilot" a B, praising Poehler's charm and the family dynamics of the show but criticizing the main character's lack of interesting motivation.[36]


Viewership and ratings per episode of Duncanville
No. Title Air date Rating
DVR viewers
Total viewers
1 "Pilot" February 16, 2020 0.5 1.52[8] 0.1 0.28 0.6 1.80[37]
2 "Red Head Redemption" February 23, 2020 0.5 1.43[9] 0.1 0.20 0.6 1.63[38]
3 "Undacuva Mutha" March 1, 2020 0.4 1.21[10] 0.1 0.18 0.5 1.39[39]
4 "Witch Day" March 8, 2020 0.4 1.09[11] 0.1 0.15 0.4 1.24[40]
5 "Fridgy" March 15, 2020 0.4 1.17[12] 0.1 0.17 0.5 1.34[41]
6 "Sister, Wife" March 22, 2020 0.4 1.07[13] 0.1 0.18 0.5 1.25[42]
7 "Jack's Pipe Dream" April 19, 2020 0.4 1.11[14] 0.1 0.10 0.4 1.21[43]
8 "Judge Annie" April 26, 2020 0.4 0.98[15] 0.1 0.13 0.4 1.10[44]
9 "Free Range Children" May 3, 2020 0.3 0.95[16] 0.0 0.09 0.4 1.04[45]
10 "Wolf Mother" May 10, 2020 0.3 0.86[17] 0.1 0.11 0.4 0.97[46]
11 "Classless President" May 17, 2020 0.4 1.21[18] 0.0 0.09 0.5 1.30[47]


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