Eisenacher Straße

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U-Bahn station Eisenacher Straße
Platform of the station

Eisenacher Straße is a Berlin U-Bahn station located on the Berlin U7.svg. R.G. Rümmler constructed this station which was opened 1971.[1] The wall is covered with green asbestos cement panels. Since Eisenach is a city near the forest in Thuringia, which is called the green heart of Germany, Rümmler chose green as the color of this station. The next station is Kleistpark.[2][3]


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Preceding station Berlin U-Bahn Following station
Bayerischer Platz Berlin U7.svg Kleistpark
towards Rudow

Coordinates: 52°29′22″N 13°21′01″E / 52.48944°N 13.35028°E / 52.48944; 13.35028