Rehberge (Berlin U-Bahn)

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U-Bahn station Rehberge

Rehberge is a station in the Wedding district of Berlin which serves the U6 line and is operated by the BVG. The station is named for Volkspark Rehberge, the large public park approximately 500m away, a name which literally translates as 'Deer Mountains'. The station was opened on 3 May 1956 (designed by B. Grimmek), along with the rest of the route between Seestraße and Kurt-Schumacher-Platz.[1]

Rehberge station is located towards the northern end of the Müllerstraße, one of Wedding's principal shopping streets and thoroughfares. It serves a relatively densely populated area of Berlin.


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Coordinates: 52°33′25″N 13°20′28″E / 52.557°N 13.341°E / 52.557; 13.341