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For other uses, see Elias (disambiguation).
Pronunciation English /ˈl.əs/; otherwise: [eˈli.as] or [ˈelias]
Gender Male
Word/name Greek, Latin, originally Hebrew
Meaning My God is Yahweh
Other names
Related names Elijah
The Prophet Elias, by Daniele da Volterra.

Elias /ˈl.əs/ is the Latin transliteration of the Greek name Ηλίας, which in turn is the Hellenized form of the Hebrew: אליהו, Eliyahu, meaning "Yahweh is my God".[1] Another form of Eliyahu in English is Elijah /ˈlə/.[2]

The name belonged most notably to Elijah, the Hebrew prophet. The Quran refers to this prophet in Arabic as Ilias (إلياس), the prophet who was born in Baalbek, east of Lebanon. The King James Version of the Bible also uses "Elias" in the New Testament as the English translation of the Greek name for this prophet.


Ellias English, French

Ellias- English, French

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