Euro-Latin American Parliamentary Assembly

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map of the EU and Latin America

The Euro-Latin American Parliamentary Assembly (EuroLat) is a trans-national body of 150 Parliamentarians from Europe and Latin America. It was established in 2006 to bolster EU-Latin American relations. It was described by Benita Ferrero-Waldner, the European Union's External Relations Commissioner, as "one of the key bodies in ensuring fruitful cooperation between our two regions."


EuroLat is led by a Co-Presidency, the current European Co-President is Ramón Jáuregui Atondo and the Latin American Co-President is José Leonel Vasquéz Búcaro (of El Salvador, Parlacen). There are 14 Co-Vice Presidents, again equally split. The Co-Presidents and the Co-Vice Presidents form the Executive Bureau, the managing body. EuroLat has four standing committees: Political, Security and Human Rights Affairs; Economic, Financial and Trade Affairs; Committee on Social Affairs, Youth and Children, Human Exchanges, Education and Culture and Committee on Sustainable Development, Environment, Energy Policy, Research, Innovation and Technology. There can be a maximum of 2 temporary committees or working groups.


The 150 members are split equally between European and Latin American members, currently drawn from the following bodies;

Executive Bureau Members from European Parliament;

Executive Bureau Members from Latin America;


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