List of extreme points of Mongolia

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Here is a list of the extreme points and extreme elevations in Mongolia.[1]

Extreme points[edit]

Heading Location Administrative entity Bordering entity Coordinates[nb 1]
North across from the eastern border of Tuva to the northwest of the Darkhad valley. Tsagaannuur, Khövsgöl Tuva, Russia 51°35′53″N 98°55′12″E / 51.597944°N 98.920103°E / 51.597944; 98.920103
South In Gobi Small A National Park Nomgon, Ömnögovi Inner Mongolia, China 38°50′00″N 105°39′59″E / 38.833411°N 105.666293°E / 38.833411; 105.666293
East In Numrug National Park Khalkhgol, Dornod Province Inner Mongolia, China 46°48′10″N 119°58′44″E / 46.802847°N 119.979018°E / 46.802847; 119.979018
West In Altai Tavan Bogd National Park Tsengel, Bayan-Ölgii Xinjiang, China 47°42′07″N 86°52′30″E / 47.70185°N 86.874897°E / 47.70185; 86.874897

Extreme altitude[edit]

Khüiten Peak in Tsengel, Bayan-Ölgii is the highest peak in Mongolia. With a peak elevation of 4,374 metres (14,350 ft), it is part of the Altai Mountains range
Extremity Name Altitude Location Province/Territory Coordinates
Highest Khüiten Peak 4,374 m (14,350 ft) Border between Bayan-Ölgii and Xinjiang Bayan-Ölgii 49°08′45″N 87°49′08″E / 49.145833°N 87.818889°E / 49.145833; 87.818889
Lowest Near Sir Creek, Thatta 518 m (1,699.5 ft) Hoh Nuur, Choibalsan Dornod Province 49°29′56″N 115°34′34″E / 49.499°N 115.576°E / 49.499; 115.576 ((Lowest))

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  1. ^ Coordinates obtained from Google Earth. Google Earth makes use of the WGS84 geodetic reference system.