Fauti Masjid

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Fauti Masjid
Fauti Masjid.JPG
Alternative namesPhuti Masjid
General information
StatusIn ruins.
Architectural styleIslamic Architecture
Town or cityKumrapur
Coordinates24°11′09″N 88°16′50″E / 24.185967°N 88.280506°E / 24.185967; 88.280506
Elevation16 m / 52 feet
Construction started1740 AD
Other dimensions135 feet long and 38 feet broad
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Fauti Masjid (also Phuti Masjid) is a mosque in the city of Kumarpur, India which was built by Nawab Sarfaraz Khan in 1740 AD. The old Fauti Masjid is one of the largest mosques in the town of Kumarpur and Murshidabad. It is about 3 quarters of a mile away from the grand and famous Hazarduari Palace. This grand mosque is 135 feet long and 38 feet broad.


It is said to have been built by Nawab Sarfaraz Khan in a single night, however it is said that the Nawab hired the masons for several months where the mater role was called one day. Before completion of the mosque the Nawab died or became 'Faut' in a battle with Nawab Alivardi Khan. Hence the people renamed it as Fauti Mosque. It has five domes and four spiral staircases at its four corners surmounted by cupolas. However, the domes are still incomplete.

The mosque at present is in ruins and has been overgrown by a jungle nearby. It may fall any moment.

The Govt should take necessary steps to save this gorgeous structure from ruining .

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